A Run 4 It Staff Product Review all the way from Kenya... • Run4It:

Myles Edwards, a member of staff at our Aberdeen shop, is currently in Kenya training alongside Dan Mulhare, a member of staff in our Edinburgh shop. Myles has taken the time to write a detailed and very interesting review of Gore's Air GT AS Jacket using his experience in Kenya when wearing the jacket to gather his opinions. The review in its entirety is below...

"Packing my bag for 10 weeks of altitude running in Iten, Kenya, a Gore-Tex jacket was not top of my list. As I threw in everything from suntan lotion to split shorts and sunglasses to hydration tablets, it was more of a ‘just in case’ that I packed my Air GT AS Jacket. Just as well that I did.

Having been here for 3 weeks now, I have used it every single evening. Not because it has been cold, far from it, but because the rain is like no other I have experienced. One night we decided to make the 2 mile walk, in pouring rain, to watch the World Championships on television at Kerio View. It is a luxury complex where the majority of tourists stay and is also home to world-renowned coach, Renato Canova.

Head to toe in Gore-Tex I happily waded along the muddy, subsiding roads from our basic but sufficient accommodation which is owned by top athlete, Moses Masai. On the other hand my training partner, Dan Mulhare, was doubled over and holding a plastic sheet over his head which he had gathered from the packaging from our mattresses. We arrived at Kerio View to some disapproving looks from staff at our muddy attire. Having my Reaction Shorts and Melbourne T-shirt underneath, I whipped off my AIR GT AS Jacket and System Trousers and it was as if it had not been raining. Dan, on the other hand had just added mud baths and a swimming pool to the extensive list of Kerio View’s services.

On top of keeping me completely dry, the slim fit of this jacket makes you almost unaware that you are wearing an outer layer. It is by far the most comfortable jacket I have worn and is extremely easy to carry around as it folds into itself and into a small ball. The Gore-Tex chest pocket is a perfect size to carry money, a key and a phone without them bouncing around. In hot conditions the sleeve zips allowed me to roll them up allow more air in to cool down.

With the 30 degree weather and clear skies now becoming more of a permanent fixture, I hope that I will not require this fantastic product as much. Without it, though, this would have been more of an altitude swimming trip. In a matter of days it had evolved from being a luxury to a necessity..."

Thanks very much to Myles for putting this review together, it has proven very insightful and we hope you are enjoying your time in Kenya.