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Are You Race Fit?

Race Fitness

Introducing Race Fitness…

Who are we?

Race Fitness is an outdoor fitness & adventure company based in Edinburgh. I’m Kieron and I started the company in May 2015 after amassing over 20 years experience in sport and fitness instruction. After working specifically in outdoor group fitness and management I realised there was nothing on offer for individuals who were put off by the Bootcamp style of instruction. I also observed that the fitness levels of members did not improve as quickly as their attendance should merit.

Why Race Fitness?

 If you’re serious about getting fit then you must have a goal. Whether it’s a charity challenge, a triathlon or an obstacle race like Total Warrior, just having that date in the diary focuses the mind!

I enter over 25 races per year and every Race Fitness member has some type of race in the next 3 months at least. This approach delivers much faster fitness benefits and can develop a healthy addiction to events, which ensures fitness levels don’t drop.

How is Race Fitness Different?

Race FitnessFrom the start I set out to create an outdoor fitness option where the emphasis was on continuous improvement. I am not targeting beginners or people happy to maintain their current fitness level.

My aim is to take individuals of intermediate level and above and help them get fitter than they thought possible. In a society cluttered with indoor fitness options targeting all abilities, promising results and easy ways to get fit, Race Fitness is going against the tide in many ways but I relish the challenge.

Getting Outside the Box

Currently the most popular fitRace Fitnessness options are the gym, yoga, spinning and crossfit. All of these take place indoors surrounded largely by people you don’t know.

All Race Fitness classes and events take place outdoors using everything the natural environment has to offer and the benefits of this approach are huge. Our full body classes are highly mobile. We typically cover up to 5k stopping frequently for exercises targeting specific body parts.

The very act of getting your body around the park, up hills, along trails, over obstacles etc challenges every muscle in the body and builds a more robust individual, less prone to injury.

Training for Specific Events like Total Warrior

Obstacle racing has been my favourite discipline for the past 5 years. I compete in over 10 obstacle races each year and I’m constantly designing better training methods for both my members and myself.

An obstacle race is still oveTotal Warriorr 75{0a00b7f19cfae603d857fe25d0a6cf6f5825db1f256901fb36653366660d6b73} trail running so most of our sessions are highly mobile. However there are very specific muscles and techniques required to successfully negotiate the obstacles. These are not hard to learn but they must be practiced.

My focus is on making the training as specific as possible so that race day does not come as a shock!

Free Class Pass…Race Fitness Event

In partnership with Run4It & Total Warrior, I am running a one-off (free) fitness class on BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY THE 1ST AUGUST!

If the above sounds right up your street – then get signed-up today! Email Run4It at or pop into the Lothian Road shop to put your name down. 

More on Race Fitness Classes

Race Fitness offers outdoor small group classes (up to 12) every weekday evening at 5:30pm (intermediate) and 6:30pm (advanced). Monday to Thursday is our Mobile Full Body class, and Friday is Trail Running. Our locations for these scheduled classes are Inverleith Park, The Meadows and Holyrood Park. In the lead up to races, I also offer adhoc guided trail runs and obstacle race training sessions that use all of the other fantastic venues around Edinburgh.

To reach a wider audience Race Fitness offers free community fitness events each month. The Kilt Run and the Full Moon Run are the highlights so far but more are in the pipeline.

Instagram: @racefitness

Obstacle Course Racing

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