ASICS DynaFlyte – Do they fly?

Asics Dynaflyte

Don’t Run, Fly

Asics DynaflyteASICS have launched a brand new lightweight running shoe called DynaFlyte. It’s named after their revolutionary new cushioning system Flytefoam. DynaFlyte isn’t their first ever lightweight shoe (it follows the MetaRun) but they’ve never produced a lightweight shoe like it. ASICS designed this shoe in Japan after receiving direct feedback from runners that distinguished a clear want and need – the ability to run faster for longer.

It’s been a labour of love for the ASICS Institute of Sport Science, taking more than 3 years to develop and around 400 prototypes, to arrive at the final shoe!

No more either/or, think AND

Asics DynaflyteRunners sometimes face a difficult decision when picking shoes – having to decide to between a) running in a soft and cushioned shoe, for support and comfort over distance, versus b) running in a more responsive and lightweight racing shoe, for speed.

ASICS new Flytefoam may be the answer to this problem. The new foam is 55{0a00b7f19cfae603d857fe25d0a6cf6f5825db1f256901fb36653366660d6b73} lighter than traditional EVA but has Kevlar (a synthetic fibre and reinforcing agent) added to it, so it doesn’t break down or degrade in the same way.

ASICS have put the shoe through its paces, through continuous trials and tests and shown that after distance runs, the new Flytefoam maintains its structure considerably better than the foams previously used.

No gel? No problem!

DynaFlyte doesn’t have any gel cushioning, but thanks to its Flytefoam, offers an extremely high level of comfort and support. It’s suited to runners of all ability and suitable for all manner of distances.

In a pair of DynaFlytes, you’ll feel equipped to run faster (as Flytefoam’s more responsive and agile than gel) and safe in the knowledge that your shoes will last – DynaFlyte offering the same durability as shoes made for major mileage.

Asics Dynaflyte

Putting DynaFlyte to the test…

I was lucky enough try out ASICS latest innovation, putting them to the test along the banks of the mighty River Clyde in Glasgow. And I was impressed to say the least! ASICS (in my opinion) have achieved what they set out to do – to create an ultralight shoe, that delivers speed and performance over distance, wear after wear.

Dynaflyte testing day

On slipping the shoes on, it became immediately apparent, they were different from any other ASICS shoe I’ve run in before. The DynaFlyte felt smoother under foot and the Flytefoam more consistent than other foams. Pounding along the pavement, I picked-up the pace, to find the shoe wasn’t giving as I put more force through it. Big tick!

Normally running at a slower pace in a lighter weight, more responsive shoe, can feel uncomfortable – the runner tends to experience some jarring on the legs and strain on the muscles. This isn’t the case with Flytefoam which retains cushion. The shoe also has a no sew upper, so there is less chance of irritation (from seams), less bulk and more comfort.

In-store Only

If you’re looking to unlock speed and experience a new sensation when you’re running – this could be the shoe for you!

The DynaFlyte’s are available to buy in-store only, so get down to your local Run4It shop to check them out!


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