Brooks introduce brand new DNA Loft midsole technology

The Earth Just Got Softer…

Brooks has unveiled its softest cushioning material ever, the all-new DNA Loft foam. First appearing in June in the updated Glycerin 16, DNA Loft is the second new midsole compound Brooks has released in the past 9 months (the first being DNA Amp) and marks an acceleration of the company’s footwear innovation.

With DNA Loft Brooks set out to solve a runner’s conundrum – produce a shoe that delivers ample cushioning without added weight or bulk, and without sacrificing responsiveness and energy return. Or in Brooks own words “all the cushion without the sinking”. And brilliantly, they’ve done just that.

Smooth and soothing, DNA Loft delivers the softest feel and ride on offer from Brooks. It instantly adapts to your individual stride, weight and speed to offer a heightened sense of protection without sacrificing responsiveness or durability.

The Tech Explained:

  • DNA Loft is a blend of three elements — EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate), rubber and air — to create a long-lasting, smooth and ultra-soft feel underfoot.
  • Brooks DNA is cushioning that adapts to your every unique stride. The addition of rubber adds longevity, ensuring the softness lasts the lifetime of the shoe. And incorporating air decreases the material’s weight.
  • A smarter take on a plush running shoe, DNA Loft is engineered to be lightweight and runnable yet ultra-soft, without the worry of bottoming out.

The Shoes:

The DNA Loft line-up comprises of Glycerin 16 and Ghost 11 with more models within Brooks cushion range (Adrenaline GTS 19 and Transcend 6) predicted to incorporate this new technology in future.

Ghost 11

The Ghost has always been a firm favourite among Brooks regulars and the latest version – the Ghost 11 – does not disappoint. Straight out of the box it’s as comfortable as any shoe you’ve worn for years. It’s soft and light, lending to its ethereal feel, and equally responsive and durable.

Ghost 11 has BioMoGo DNA foam in the forefoot and DNA Loft foam in heel pad only, coming in at a lower price point of £119 than the Glycerin 16, which boasts a full-length DNA Loft midsole bumping the price up to £135.

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Glycerin 16

Dubbed the “king of cushioning” Brooks Glycerin 16 delivers mile-after-mile plushness. If you want a luxurious feeling underfoot from the first mile to your 500th… then this shoe’s for you. The Glycerin 16 boasts a full-length DNA Loft midsole for uncompromised comfort.

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Continuous Innovation:

The product team at Brooks are constantly innovating and experimenting to create trainer technologies that deliver a different feel/running experience based on your needs, mood or preferences. You can choose to feel cushioned, energised, or just plain fast.

Blissfully soft, DNA Loft is unique to shoes in Brooks ‘Cushion’ range. Whilst Brooks highest energy return technology, DNA Amp is unique to shoes in their ‘Energise’ range. Want to experience infinite energy? Try Brooks Levitate 2 or hold out until September for the arrival of Bedlam in Run4It doors.

You can discover and explore our full range of Brooks shoes for men and women online at

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