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What Makes the Great Scottish Run GREAT?

Great Scottish Run

Bryan Burnett, a broadcaster, runner and one of the hottest race commentators in the country shares his take on the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run. His voice will guide you home at this year’s event! 

The Beauty of ‘Firsts’

Your first race is always special right? Which is why the Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Run always means so much to me.

Not only was it my first taste of what it feels like to be in a mass participation road race, it was my first experience of any kind of racing or indeed running.

Being persuaded to enter the ‘Glasgow half’ as we used to call it, was life changing  for me. It was a leap into the unknown but led to new friends, great experiences and a way to feel so much better about my physical and mental well-being.

“Scotland, Are You Ready to Run?”

Through my running and commentating work I’ve had some wonderful opportunities at home and around the world. I’ve been able to work at the Olympics and Commonwealth Games and had the chance to commentate on the finish of some of the most exciting road races of all time.

However, I still think my biggest thrill of the year is standing in George Square waiting for the music to kick in and getting the chance to ask “Scotland, are you ready to run?”

It’s one of the must do’s in my calendar. I’ve been part of the commentary team since 2005 and I still get a massive buzz about the fact that I am now working on the race that got me into running in the first place.

Super SaturdayIt’s been a real source of pride to watch how the event has grown in stature in recent years, attracting a world class elite field and national TV coverage. I love the fact there’s now a 10k which is becoming as popular as the half, that ‘Super Saturday‘ is a mad mix of kids, first timers and Olympic medalists and that runners from around the world really are starting to put us on the global running map.

The toddler’s dash has become the stuff of legend and is now being copied at events across the country. However I always make a point of letting them know it started in Glasgow!!

As Scotland asserts itself on the world stage, it’s only right that Scotland has a world class event that is run to the same standard as Great North or London Marathon.

But when it comes down to it, what I love most is the simple act of thousands of different folk coming together and going out for a run.

For One Day Only, Runners Make Glasgow!

Great Scottish RunAs usual there will be a select band of Olympians, World champions and Team GB athletes, there will be club runners who’s inter-club rivalry is just as fiercely competitive as the elites.

There’s runners who don’t even think of themselves as runners, committed charity fundraisers with inspiring stories and thousands of ordinary people who are getting out there to run and feel a bit better about their lives.

They might all have different reasons for entering but all of them will run the same 13.1 miles and go through the same range of emotions.

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else other than on that start line in George Square, experiencing the atmosphere and celebrating the fact that for one day only Runners Make Glasgow.


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