Gifts for runners under £30

Stocking thrillers!

Scratching your head trying to think of a gift for the runner in your life? Here at Run4It we are big believers in small accessories that make a big difference. Here’s a list of great gifts for runners under £30 – perfect for the work Secret Santa or Christmas morning stocking (note the stocking size may vary!). Chocolate oranges, bath bombs and bruised satsumas have their place, but there are different (more imaginative) ways to a runner’s heart…


Watch a runner’s eyes light up when they unwrap a SIS Energy & Performance Pack (£11.99). Others may favour a Cadbury’s selection box, but runners know that fuelling a 20 mile run with a Crunchie could be problematic!


And why should the Christmas tree have all the lights? At this time of year it’s essential that any runner is visible when they’re out and about – see and be seen! Both the Tikkina (£20) and the Tikka (£30) headlamps from leading lighting brand Petzl make great gifts for the nocturnal runner, offering high levels of illumination, with the Tikka also having some extra safety features like a built-in whistle, red lighting and additional reflectivity.

And Ronhill have some great weather-resistant safety lighting options like their ultra-bright Light Armband or Light Shoe Clip (both £18).

Hats & Gloves

It can also be cold out there at this time of year, so it’s essential that the extremities are kept nice and toasty!

There can hardly be a runner out there who wouldn’t appreciate the warmth and practicality of some Ronhill Wind-Block Gloves (£22) matched with a Running Beanie (£17).

End the curse of chafing!

RunderwearYou’ve maybe also picked up from spending any time with a runner that the unmentionable things soon become very mentionable! So discussing bleeding nipples and an uncomfortable undercarriage are de rigeur!

If you do want to remove these topics from your daily discussion then look no further than gifting them some Body Glide Anti Chafe Balm (from £8.99) or something from our range of brilliantly-named Runderwear (from £15.99)! They’ll thank you for it, and your regular chit-chat will be transformed!

Foam rollers & Massage balls

Putting the travails of diet, darkness, cold and chafing aside, even the toughest and hardiest of runners will benefit from the effects of rolling and massaging their tired and fatigued muscles.

TriggerPoint Therapy have a great range of products to help with this – the MB1 Massage Ball (£13.99) is versatile and portable while The Core Roller (£29.99) channels blood and oxygen during rolling, aiding muscle recovery. It may look like an instrument of torture, but appearances are deceptive!

Gift Vouchers & Cards

But if you simply cannot decide which of our huge range of gift ideas will be the perfect one for the runner in your life, there’s always the failsafe option – the trusty Run 4 It Gift Card! Available in a range of values from £5 upwards, these allow the fussiest of runners to get exactly what they’re after, avoiding those false smiles and thanks which can so easily afflict the simplest of gift exchanges!

These are only a few of the huge range of gift ideas we have instore and online, so visit any one of our 8 shops and let one of our Christmas elves talk you through the possibilities, or have a look online at to see exactly what we have to offer! It’s all about improving their run and making Christmas shopping fun!

Gifts for runners under £30

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