Inov8 Graphene G-Series TerraUltra Shoes


The trade and sports press have been buzzing recently with anticipation surrounding a ground-breaking shoe development from Inov8. The Lake District-based company have closely collaborated with scientists at the University of Manchester’s National Graphene Institute to achieve a world first in sportswear.

Inov8 sought to address a problem often cited by trail and off road runners, namely that the outsoles of their shoes wear down quickly on rough terrain, resulting in a loss of grip. The solution? Inov8 have introduced the world’s strongest material to running footwear. A bold statement…

The History

Graphite was discovered in 1555 in the Borrowdale Valley in the Lake District, right in Inov8’s heartland, and subsequently mined there until the end of the 19th century. Much more recently, a substance called graphene was derived and isolated from graphite at the University of Manchester in 2004 by Nobel Prize-winning physicists. In the years since, the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (also based at the University of Manchester) have been researching methods of applying this incredible material to everyday use.

200 times stronger than steel.

The Geeky Science Stuff

Graphene is composed of a single layer of carbon atoms linked together in a honeycomb pattern and is just one atom thick, making it both the thinnest and strongest known material in the world…it’s 200 times stronger than steel! Being so thin, graphene is extraordinarily flexible, and can be bent, twisted, folded and stretched without any damage whatsoever! Also (and this is fascinating if not hugely relevant, but I thought you’d like to know), it’s almost entirely transparent…but before you ask, this doesn’t make the shoes see-through! Through infusing the outsole rubber of their shoes with graphene, Inov8 have created outsoles which are scientifically proven to be 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% harder wearing than ‘normal’ rubber outsoles.

50% stronger. 50% more elastic. 50% harder wearing.

The Shoes

Inov8 have developed shoes with significantly lengthened life expectancy through the use of graphene-enhanced rubbers and uppers incorporating Kevlar (commonly found in bulletproof vests!), with no compromise in weight, flexibility or grip.

At Run4It, from 12th July we’ll have the TERRAULTRA G 260, a shoe designed so you can run forever on the world’s toughest long-distance trails. Biomechanically designed to enable natural foot and ankle movement, this incredibly rugged shoe brings ground-breaking comfort and promotes off-road running efficiency to new levels.

Following later in the year, we’ll have the MUDCLAW G 260**, a shoe designed to make light work of all tough mud, be it on hills, trails or in obstacle course races. With incredible levels of grip on soft and wet ground, this truly is a shoe for the toughest terrain out there.

** This shoe was originally intended to be launched on 12th July alongside the TERRAULTRA G 260 but the discovery of a minor and unforeseen issue means Inov8 have chosen to delay launch until they’re 100% happy with their product. This is a true reflection of their high and exacting quality standards.

If you want see these incredible shoes for yourself, head into our Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow City store, or check them out online here to learn more.

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