Meet the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Finally, freedom to go phone-free…

There are a lot of runners out there who want the accuracy of a GPS watch and all the extra features that come with it, but still run with their phone so that they can listen to music. The latest addition to Garmin’s Forerunner family – the Forerunner 645 Music – takes care of this problem. There is no need to run with your phone anymore and thanks to Garmin Pay you won’t even need your bank card.

Built-in music & Garmin pay ready

The watch has the ability to store 4GB of music which is about 500 songs. You can connect the watch to Bluetooth headphones to listen to music.  Garmin Pay allows you to make contactless payments via the watch so you can leave your cash and cards at home. The watch is compatible with Garmin Connect IQ so you can customise the watch with different watch faces which makes it look less like a GPS watch.  Any smart notification (such as text messages, incoming calls, and calendar appointments) will also be displayed on the watch and you can now even respond to text messages on the go with prewritten responses.  The watch has roughly 7 days battery life when wearing it in smartwatch mode and 12 hours in GPS mode.  Listening to music will cut the battery life to 5 hours but this should see most runners through a marathon.

Check whether your bank supports Garmin Pay here. It’s not available in all UK banks yet, however more and more banks are supporting Garmin Pay all the time.

Built-in sports

The Forerunner 645 Music has additional built-in sports on top of running.  It can be used for cycling, pool swimming, rowing and lots more.

Advanced running dynamics

The Forerunner 645 Music offers more advanced running dynamics than the likes of the Forerunner 235 so does go up a level, packing more punch than the 235.  When paired with the HRM-RUN strap, it will measure running dynamics like ground contact time, vertical ratio, stride length, lactate threshold and many more. Like the Forerunner 235, the Forerunner 645 will also measure heart rate without the chest strap via Garmin Elevate wrist based monitoring.  This gives you all day heart rate monitor tracking. Wellness monitoring features, all-day stress tracking and a relaxation-based breathing timer help balance stress and rest.

Perfect for….

The Forerunner 645 Music is the perfect running watch for any music-loving runner looking to “lighten the load” and go phone and wallet free. Whilst at the same time fine-tune their training with wrist-based heart rate, advanced running dynamics and performance monitoring features.

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

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