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Megan’s Half Marathon Journey: 5 Race Day Essentials

Kit Check!

Race day is fast approaching but there is still time to pick some last minute products that could help you get round the course just that bit more easily. Here are 5 THINGS I will be using and wearing on race day next Sunday…

1. Twin Lined Shorts

We have had some beautiful days of sunshine over the last few weeks but with temperatures rising you want to make sure you have something lightweight and breathable to get you through those miles. Shorts are an obvious option but avoid any chafing between the thighs by looking for a short that has a fitted lining on the inside. The Ronhill Infinity Marathon Twin Shorts are a great example. For added convenience, some will have a pocket on the liner to store a phone or bottle.

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2. Race Belt

Race belts can come in all shapes and sizes with various components but one with a race number holder and gel loops will eliminate the need for safety pins and give you somewhere to store your gel packets in an easy to reach place. Also, having extra storage round the waist for bottles or other forms of nutrition will feel less cumbersome than having full pockets.

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3. Bottle Storage

It is important to stay hydrated throughout the race, especially if the sun is out. Some people donโ€™t mind carrying a bottle in hand but if this makes you feel off balance or uncomfortable then opt for a close fitting, breathable race vest that has space for higher volume bottles and other products with minimal bounce and weight.

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4. Anti-Chafe Balm

Impromptu chafing is the last thing you want with many miles ahead of you, especially on a warm day. Applying an anti-chafe balm to any problem areas before a race will just reduce the risk of friction build up and leaves one less pain to worry about on the way round.

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4. Electrolyte Tablets

Drinking water is obviously important, but refuelling the body with electrolytes that will be lost through sweat is equally so in order to better avoid cramping or feeling drained.

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