New Saucony Brand Platform Challenges Runners

Running Astronomer_1pgWhat do an astronomer, a chef and a former pro soccer player have in common?

They’re the seekers and runners featured in Seeker, Saucony’s newest global brand campaign. Like runners everywhere, they seek for truths on the roads and in the forests, simultaneously losing and finding themselves in the passing of the miles. And though each one of them is seeking something uniquely personal along those pathways, it’s the discovery of their “strong” that ultimately brings the Seeker campaign joyfully to life.

Saucony, committed to empowering the human spirit through running, recently announced the launch of Seeker, the new multi-media global brand campaign that attests “you can’t find your strong if you’re not looking for it.”

The campaign, Saucony’s largest marketing effort to date, is a continuation of the brand’s Find Your Strong initiative with a further call to action: Be a “seeker” and unlock−more than a faster time or a slower heart rate−the transformative power of running. SAUC_S15_W_KINVARA6_EBLAST_648x1300The campaign features four short vignettes that profile a series of unique and ultimate Seekers who each use running to find their personal “strong.” For astronomer Michelle Collins, running around Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Observatory gives her the space to unlock the mysteries of outer space.

For Chef Eduardo Garcia, sprinting through the Montana wilderness allows him to forage for his passion−the planet’s wildest ingredients. And former pro-footballer Mark Logan, in his quest to see the world, is running a life-changing road-trip up the Pacific Coast. The first story in the Seeker series launched in May.

“A couple of years ago we launched a new campaign to reposition the brand around three really strong words−Find Your Strong−and we found that message has really resonated with runners everywhere,” said Mary O’Brien, vice president of global marketing for Saucony.

“Now, we want to expand that conversation, to embrace and inspire a wider audience of runners to take up the journey. For every runner it’s a different pathway but ultimately the end truth is that running changes people for the better−physically, emotionally, joyfully. Saucony, seeking a completely different perspective in the creation of the Seeker series, utilized drone footage, a first for the brand.

“In photographing the Seeker concept we wanted to be true to the idea,” said O’Brien. “The drone’s unique perspective let us tell the “seeking” story with more clarity while allowing us to actually witness the characters’ process in finding their strong.” The new Seeker campaign, developed by Mechanica of Newburyport, Massachusetts, encompasses multiple touch points, including an immersive digital and social media experience; online ads, retail promotions, and an out-of-home marketing blitz around the Boston Marathon.

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