Our guide to the best cold weather running gear

Cold weather running

Having the right running kit in winter can be the difference between getting out on a run and staying in the house in front of the TV.  When it’s cold, dark and the elements are against you, having the right cold weather running gear will take away the stress of getting out the door.

Running Jacket

VMP2015100815050002-2TA good running jacket is probably my most important part of kit.  Many runners say ‘my skin is waterproof’ and while this is true, your skin also conducts  heat about 10 times faster when it is wet so it’s not the best way to stay comfortable.  So my top running jacket is the Gore Running Wear Air GT AS Half-Zip Running jacket.  It is fully waterproof but exceptionally breathable.   It doesn’t matter how bad the weather is I am completely protected.  If I’m running fast I can open up zips on the sleeves to let out more sweat so I don’t overheat.  It’s so light it barely feels like I’m wearing a jacket.

VMP2015031915281475-2TBase Layer

For my jacket to work properly I need to wear the right top underneath it.  I wear the Ronhill Base Thermal 100 Running T-Shirt.  It is very light but is thermal so keeps me warmer.  It wicks away the sweat from my skin keeping me dry and allows the jacket to breathe better.

Running Tights

Having a pair of warm, good fitting tights is key for the colder runs.  The Ronhill Vizion Winter Tight is my #1 pair.  They fit perfectly because they use branded Lycra which has the best stretch and recovery.  They keep me warm because they have a brushed fabric which traps a layer of  warm air.  A lot of runners get injuries through the winter because their muscles get cold and never warm up in a run.  Reflective taping runs down the side of the tights so that I can be seen.

Hat and Gloves

A good hat and pair of gloves is always important when it’s cold.  ‘Keep your extremities warm’ as they say.  My favourite gloves are my Gore Running Wear Mythos 2.0 WS gloves.  The Windstopper membrane keeps my hand totally protected from the cold but are really breathable so I don’t get too hot.  The Gore Running Wear Mythos 2.0 Neon Beanie is my top pick of hats.  It has good reflectivity and is so light.  It keeps the worst of the weather off so I don’t get cold.



A good running sock is just as important as a good pair of shoes.  I wear different socks in the winter to the
summer.  The best winter sock without doubt is the Feetures Elite Merino+ Light Cushion Quarter.  The merino wool keeps my feet warm without overheating them.  They’re particularly good when it’s raining because merino wool keeps you warm when it gets wet.z


My top winter running shoe is the Saucony Peregrine 5 Trail shoe.  It is perfect for doing a mixture of road and trail running.  It has an incredibly sticky rubber on the sole so gives amazing grip on wet and slippery surfaces.  They are very cushioned so it feels great on long sections of tarmac.  The bigger lugs on the sole means I can mix up my runs and get on to trails whenever possible.


All my clothing has reflective elements but to make sure I’m seen I always use the Nathan Hyper-Brite Strobe.  It’s very bright and has 4 different modes so is really visible to drivers.  It has a small clip so I attach it to the waist band of my tights.


Nutrition is often forgotten about over winter but we still need to make sure we’re looking after ourselves.
It’s easy to get dehydrated over the winter because we’re less inclined to drink when it’s colder.  Studies show that runners don’t drink enough water when it’s colder.  Our bodies also burn more carbohydrate when it’s cold so it’s really important to make sure we’re fuelled.  My top nutrition product is the Torq Energy Drink.  It has all the electrolytes I need to keep me hydrated and has 30g’s of carbohydrate per serving.  Blackcurrant is my personal favourite.

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