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Run Right Run Bright – Great Reflective Running Kit

A brisk winter run can be just as gratifying as a sweaty summer one – as long as you have the right kit to keep you warm, comfy and safe on the roads and trails!

When it’s dark, cold, wet and thoroughly uninviting outside….. it requires some extra motivation to get out the door! But maintaining your running through the winter months will be hugely beneficial to your health and well-being.

The following kit will assist you in being bright and visible – as well as cosy and comfortable – in darker and colder conditions.

Reflective & thermal clothing

Ronhill’s new Autumn/Winter clothing collection has it all….. fluorescent jackets and full-length tights peppered with highly reflective print and stripe graphics to keep you safe and seen. Soft marl and merino fabrics to keep you warm and cosy in windy, wet and wild weather. And hats, gloves and reflective safety accessories for added visibility and protection.Style board

Reflective jackets:

Infinity Nightfall JacketRonhill’s Momentum Sirius windshell jacket with 360 degree print reflectivity is both stylish and functional. The Activelite material is lightweight, breathable and wind resistant. It has also been treated with a durable, water repellent finish to ensure water repellency in all but the worst conditions.

Alternatively, treat yourself to Ronhill’s batman-esque Infinity Nightfall waterproof jacket featuring highly reflective stripe graphics – front and back – to keep you safe in low light conditions. Made of clever Aqualite fabric, it’s totally windproof, waterproof breathable and packable.

Reflective tights:

TightsGents, try Ronhill’s Infinity Nightfall Tight (£58) featuring highly reflective stripe graphics – front, side and back – to keep you safe and seen. Powerlite fabric with a high content of elastane provides excellent support with great stretch and recovery.

Ladies, team Ronhill’s Momentum Sirius Tight (£45) with the Momentum Sirius Jacket for a stylish matching set. Interlocking circle print graphics round the lower leg provide 360 degree print reflectivity. Regulite thermal fabric with a high content of elastane provides great stretch and recovery.

Thermal base layers:

Picture1Thermal base layers will keep you cosy on frosty mornings and brisk nights. Ronhill’s Infinity Merino 1/2 zip long sleeve t-shirt is an essential for winter training.

The clever design means that it will keep you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re warm. Packed with features and freshness, this tee is lightweight and soft, with high-performance sweat wicking and anti-odour properties.

Safety lights & cold-weather accessoriesACCESSORY_BOARD

On colder days, wear hats, headbands and gloves to cover up your extremities and regulate your body temperature as you run.

Many of our hats and gloves feature reflective graphics to help you stay visible in the dark!

RunningRun_Beanie_Glove_2 Beanie & Gloves:

This pair are winter wardrobe staples! Made of Regulite thermal fabric Ronhill’s beanie and gloves regulate your body temperature as you run, ensuring you’ll never be left feeling too hot or too cold. Sweat wicking and fast drying properties will keep you will dry and comfortable, whilst reflective graphics will help you stay visible.

To make doubly sure you definitely aren’t missed out there, it’s a good idea wear safety accessories (reflectors and lights) on your body – so drivers can differentiate you from still objects and see which direction you are moving in. When running on roads, remember, always run against the flow of traffic so you can see vehicles coming towards you!

Vizion LED:

At £7, the Vizion LED will add 4 lumens of brightness to any outfit. It can easily be clipped to clothing, waistpacks or backpacks thanks to its simple hook and loop fastener. You can choose from two different lighting modes: glow or flash illumination, and the battery will last up to 150 hours! Plus the Vizion LED is even reflective whilst turned off. Buy one, two, three…

Light Armband:Light_armband_White

Ronhill’s Light Armband is a lightweight, ultra-bright LED band that wraps around your arm for 360 degree visibility. It’s weather resistant and fully adjustable, so you can achieve a secure fit. Well worth £18!

Light Shoe Clip:

A powerful light source that clips on with ease (and stays on). Moving with your stride, Ronhill’s Light Shoe Clip will help drivers and pedestrians spot you and trace your direction of travel. Buy two – one for each heel.

A quality head torch

A good head torch is essential to winter training and will allow you to navigate the darkness with confidence and ease. Petzl are the leaders in lighting technology and have a wide range of head torches to suit every runner and every price point.


Light it up with Petzl:

An entry level model like the Petzl Tikkina at £20 is compact and easy to use featuring one button to switch between three lighting modes – proximity, movement and distance vision. Powered by batteries, it’s compact and lightweight (only 85g) and provides you with 150 lumens of light output. Great for running, camping, walking and DIY!

E95HNE_REACTIKA more advanced option would be the Petzl Reactik+ at £90. Bluetooth compatible, it will sync with the MyPetzl Light app on your smartphone, so you can monitor battery life, flick between different lighting profiles, and control brightness and burn time – all on the fly. It’s the only torch in the Petzl range that features REACTIVE lighting – meaning it has an intelligent in-built sensor that detects the amount of light around you and adjusts the brightness and beam pattern accordingly, to preserve battery and prolong burn time. It’s powered by rechargeable batteries (recharge time 4.5hrs), weighs 115g and will deliver the 300 lumens of light output in pitch darkness at long range (110 metres).

The Petzl Reactik+ is great for trail or ultra runners who need to maintain battery life for longer periods of time!

And there you have it folks. Winter running just got that bit more enjoyable with this foolproof kit! Read our Safety tips for Running in the Dark blog next for top tips to keep you safe on the roads and trails.



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