Running In Kenya – The Experience of a Lifetime

One of our staff members Kayleigh has recently returned from a trip to Kenya where she ran, met a Marathon Great and raised money for a great charity – here is her story.

I was in Kenya as part of the Kenya 22 trip organised by the Gathimba Edwards Foundation, which was founded by two runners Gideon Gathimba and Myles Edwards after a chance meeting at a race in Aberdeen.

We were there to take part in the Rift Valley Marathon to help raise funds for the approx. 180 children that the foundation supports. The race was awesome but very tough! It included a hill named the ‘Mzungu Killer’ and boy it lived up to its name. Massive hill which felt like it went on forever. The team did brilliantly and conquered the ‘Mzungu Killer’!

Every day was very busy; visiting local schools, meeting the amazing kids who are linked with the foundation. The kids were fantastic and it was a pleasure to meet them. A few other things included playing football with the Chaka Youth Football Project, going on Safari and meeting world famous athletes.

We also visited and ran in other locations in Kenya, including a track session at Kamarin track in Iten. The altitude sort of bothers you a little bit and then it’s almost like you just get used to it. It was very hot but coming from Aberdeen you don’t mind that. The whole group loved running in Kenya, there’s almost just a buzz about it.

Whilst in Iten we met former Marathon World Record Holder Wilson Kipsang. It was his birthday so we got to sing Happy Birthday to him! I was very exciting to be meeting a legend like Kipsang, it was all very surreal. I wasn’t really quite sure what to say or do! So I asked him for a selfie and got a cheeky signature on my t-shirt! Wilson is a lovely guy; it was awesome to meet him, he is a real inspiration.

The trip was simply amazing, a great experience and I feel very lucky to have been a part of it. I’m keen to get back to Kenya very soon; I and the rest of Kenya 22 team have been experiencing some serious Kenya 22 blues!

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