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Running Socks are they a great Christmas Present?

If you are looking for great gifts for runners, then look no further than socks! “Socks?!” I hear you cry in consternation… yes, I am aware that these might seem like presents for granddad too, but trust me… runners need, and love, proper running socks as Christmas presents! And here is why…

As a lady runner, I have always been told there were two key pieces of kit that you must get right –running shoes and a sports bra. These two essentials are necessary to help you avoid injury and, ahem, support your future. But in my experience there is a third item to add to this list – socks.

VMP2015052814220005-2I have very blister-prone feet. Even when I buy everyday shoes, I have to test where they will rub so I am especially careful with my trainers. My very first pair of running shoes (bought on bad advice at another shop) along with everyday socks rubbed the arch of my foot into a little blister party all of my very own. So I feel fully justified in adding running socks to the list of must have items that will help enhance your running experience.

I aim for socks and shoes I can put on then not worry about…and with my feet this can be tricky! I have tried many different varieties of socks – mainly Hilly branded – from the ankle socks with the fluffy patches on the insides, through twin skins to the ultra lightweight mono skins which I wore during my most recent event, the Great North Run.

They all have pros and cons in my view. The thicker socks are great for winter running as they keep your feet warmer, but can lead to a little bit of toe squashing if you aren’t used to them and pull them on too tightly. The twin skins are great for avoiding blisters, but if the inside layer wrinkles (this happens when they get old) it can nip the skin, or just be really irritating when you have to stop and scratch or rearrange. Untying your shoelaces to do this when you are at the furthest point from home is not really what anyone needs.

Now I am on ultra lightweight mono skin socks, and they fit my list of criteria – I put them on and don’t worry about my feet! They don’t rub or have little inside seams or any other areasVMP2015102314390003-2 for irritation, so right now these are my socks of choice. I have also dabbled with feetures no show sock – great for holidays to even out the three quarter length/socks spring tan lines, but I like to keep my socks up to my
ankles so I know they will stay put. However that is just a personal choice so if you are a fan of the hidden sock then definitely try them out. From this it is definitely worth testing out different styles to make sure you know what works for you at different times of the year.

So if you need to get your runner a great Christmas gift look no further than socks. If you look after your runners socks, you are taking care of their feet, and come spring, they will definitely thank you for it!

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