Saucony Spring/Summer 2018 Running Shoes

Function AND Fashion for every run with EVERUN!

The evolution of Saucony’s fantastic shoes has continued into their Spring/Summer 2018 range, with some key technical developments and slick aesthetic updates meaning there’s a Saucony shoe out there for every discerning runner.

Saucony Spring 2018 Running ShoesFirstly, let’s have a quick recap of what Saucony running shoes have to offer (this is the part which includes a few ‘runner geek’ words but I’ll try to keep it simple and explain what they’ll mean to you when you slip on your latest Sauconys and head out the door!).

EVERUN cushioning remains the cornerstone of the Saucony range and will improve your run by serving up numerous benefits:

  • Continuous cushioning – every stride and landing has a consistent feel as the cushioning won’t ‘bottom out’ and firm up in the course of a run
  • 83% energy return – you provide the energy, the shoes give loads of it back rather than absorbing it all like a soft sponge
  • Durability and longevity – the construction of EVERUN means it remains resistant to the effects of both heat and cold (adding to that consistent feel) – the cushioning doesn’t break down when hot or firm up when cold
  • Flexibility – it adapts to the movements of your foot meaning that transitions (the movements of your foot throughout each stride) remain stable and smooth

But wait! Does that mean all Saucony shoes feel the same? In a word, no. Each model in the range is specifically designed to offer a different kind of running experience across a range of terrains. The feel of each model is dictatedSaucony Everun by the cushioning construction together with the many other key features which support and protect the foot in different ways.

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Full EVERUN Cushioning:

Both the Triumph ISO 4 and Freedom ISO incorporate a full EVERUN midsole, providing the most highly-cushioned ride on offer from Saucony, with a seriously plush feel.

EVERUN Topsole:

Saucony Everun

Other models in our range like the Guide ISO, Ride 10, Omni 16, Kinvara, Peregrine 8 and Xodus ISO 2 all feature an EVERUN topsole, giving those EVERUN-specific benefits listed above but with slightly firmer and differing rides.

It’s also worth noting that you may well fall in love with the feel of more than one model, with different shoes (while all featuring EVERUN) feeling right for very different types of run. To put this into context, I tend to do a lot of my running in the Guide (particularly my longer runs where I’m likely to rely more on some stability and support), but I also love the sharp, responsive feel of the neutral Kinvara for quicker, shorter sessions on road or track. And when off-road, the Peregrine gives me both grip and that nimble, precise footing I need when covering technical terrain.

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Embrace the Double Denim…

And if you simply can’t be without your favourite Saucony shoes even when you’re not running, then have no fear! To ensure you’re looking sharp day or night, in the park or in the pub, Saucony have produced denim-inspired editions of a number of their signature models. The Saucony Denim Collection includes the Triumph ISO 4, Freedom ISO, Guide ISO, Ride 10, Kinvara 9 and Peregrine 8. They may look 100% on point even when not being run in, but they simply don’t compromise on performance.

“All sounds great, but I’ve never heard of Saucony!”

A line we often hear, but the brand has been around and making waves in the running industry for a long time – let’s give you some of the facts:

  • Saucony was founded in Kutztown, Pennsylvania in 1898 – they’re 120 years old!
  • Their name is pronounced correctly as “Sock-uh-knee” – we do hear some great alternatives!
  • Saucony Spring 2018 running shoesThey created the very first slip-lasted running shoe (the Trainer 80). This shoe never had the chunk of cardboard between the upper and midsole which many of their competitors used to provide stability in their
    shoes. The result? A more natural feel.
  • Saucony was the first brand to make a running shoe (the Flight) with a dual-density EVA midsole to control the rate and degree of pronation (and please note that pronation is natural and not a bad thing!).
  • The brand make vegan shoes which include no animal-sourced glue or materials.

So there you have it… Saucony, a brand at the cutting edge of running technology, just as they have been for many a year!

Want to know some more?

You can learn about all these fantastic Saucony models (and a whole lot more) by heading online to or, if you really want the full Run4It experience then head to your nearest Run4It store where we’d love to take you through our free +runlab shoe-fitting service! All our staff share a common passion about running and will be more than happy to help find the right shoe for you. It really is all about making sure we improve your run!

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