Saucony EVERUN Spring/Summer Shoes

Ever run in EVERUN?

Everun_Video_Frame_21When Saucony introduced their innovative EVERUN cushioning into their range in late-2015, runners got excited. Their two quirky lab technician cartoon characters, Max and Miles, explained the new technology to us in their own inimitable style. Fast forward to 2017 and EVERUN has evolved and developed, providing the cornerstone of Saucony’s fantastic range of running shoes.

As a quick reminder, EVERUN technology brings a whole host of benefits to your running experience, all designed to enhance and improve your run:

  • Continuous cushioning from your first step to your last.
  • Durability and longevity – the construction of EVERUN means it doesn’t break down.
  • Smooth landings and transition through your stride, with reduced pressure on the forefoot.
  • 83 per cent energy return – you get back loads of what you put in!!

In their latest Spring/Summer 2017 range, Saucony have upped the EVERUN ante, with some wonderful results across the range…

 So what’s the best shoe for you?

Saucony Triumph ISO 3

Triumph ISO 3 | £135

If you’re a straight-down-the-middle NEUTRAL kind of runner, both the Ride 9 and the Triumph ISO 3 could fit the bill.

The Ride 9 features a full-length EVERUN topsole which sits immediately beneath the insole of the shoe, ensuring a smooth, energy-filled running experience.

And the Triumph ISO 3 takes it all one step further! Still featuring the full-length EVERUN topsole but now packing more EVERUN material than ever before into the heel landing zone and with a slick new upper, a new benchmark is set!

But if you’re needing some STABILITY in your life, then maybe the Omni 15 or the Guide 10 could win a place in your heart.

Saucony Guide 10

Guide 10 | £115

The Omni 15 is the latest (and lightest) version of this legendary shoe, incorporating the full EVERUN revamp. As plush and reliable as ever, but with a whole new wonderful feel!

The ground-breaking Guide 10 has been tweaked to perform better than ever, with an enhanced structure in the midfoot providing targeted support while working in tandem with an EVERUN topsole and revised upper for a fast, dynamic running experience.


Saucony Peregrine 7

Peregrine 7 | £105

If the beaten track isn’t necessarily your thing, then get off it and hit the TRAIL… 

The all-new Peregrine 7 has been given the EVERUN topsole treatment to really enhance the level of cushioning in this fabulous shoe! Throw in a revised, rugged upper and an ultra-grippy outsole and this shoe really does live up to the RUN ANYWHERE billing afforded it by Saucony.


Way too cool for school?

If you’re looking for something a bit different, with their LIFE ON THE RUN range Saucony have reinvented some of their signature models with a seriously smooth aesthetic.Saucony LOTR

Offering the same fantastic performance as their inline stablemates, the Ride 9 LOTR and the Guide 10 LOTR will look as at home running through your daily life as running reps at the track! They’ll probably even speed up your commute!

Throw the uber-cool Kinvara 8 LOTR and the brand-new Freedom ISO LOTR (Saucony’s first shoe featuring a full-length EVERUN midsole) into the mix and you have the choice of 24/7 shoes which will draw admiring glances wherever you happen to be…

Want to find out more?

You can learn about all these fantastic Saucony models (and a whole lot more) by heading online to the Saucony Everun section. Or, if you really want the full Run4It experience then head to your nearest Run4It shop where we’d love to take you through our free +runlab shoe-fitting service!

All our staff share a common passion about running and will be more than happy to help find the right shoe for you. It really is all about making sure we improve your run!

Saucony Everun


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