Stocking Fillers for Runners – Under £15!

Stocking fillers for runners

Looking for a small gift for the runner in your life? I’m a big believer in small accessories that make a big difference.  But as you probably know by now, runners are fussy people to buy for!

So, whether it’s a last-minute gift to go in their stocking, or something for your work’s secret Santa here’s a list of perfect stocking fillers, all under £15, that any runner would love for Christmas.

sis-go-isotonic-energy-gel-variety-pack-na-EV236431-9999-1SiS Go Isotonic Gel Variety Pack

First up, we have the runner’s answer to the Cadbury’s Christmas Selection Box: the SiS Go Isotonic Gel Variety Pack.  (Although, I’m sure they’d love a Cadbury’s Box too!) You get 7 different flavours of SiS Isotonic gel in 1 little box. This is perfect for those runners who regularly use gels for an energy boost in their training, and for those that have never tried them before.
At £4.99 it is the perfect addition to any stocking.

Spiky MaVMP2015052614570001-3Tssage Ball

The Fitness Mad Spikey Massage Ball is the ideal gift for the runner that is forever complaining of aches and pains. It irons out aches, pains, niggles and tightness in the muscles, improving circulation and releasing any toxins that have built up through training.
Plus, it’s a great deal at only £5!

Lock Laceslockla-schnuersenkel-lock-lace-orange-schuh

Starting at £7, Nathan Lock Laces are a great gift for that runner that just can’t wait to get out the door.  Made popular by triathletes, they use an elastic shoelace and locking system to make tying your shoes a thing of the past.

They are available in a variety of different colours – Perfect for those runners that like to coordinate… Or maybe it’s just me that is that sad?!

Anti-Chafing Balm

Well, Body Glide is probably that one gift that will be silently appreciated.  I’d guess that every runner has needed to use it at one point or another, but nobody really needs to know the details. It’s sure to get an understanding nod of the head, or good giggle come Christmas morning – but every runner would agree, Body Glide is definitely worth the £7 price tag.

Running Socks

6-Static-SocksWhoever said socks are a boring Christmas present?! Run-specific socks are an exception to the rule – they can mean the difference between a dreamy run and a painful one, and runners can’t get enough of them!  The popular Hilly Twin Skin (£12) with it’s dual-layer fabric is great for blister-prone feet. Whilst the padded Balega Enduro (also £12) is best for maximum comfort. For hot feet, try something barely-there like Feetures Ultra Light (£13).
And… specially for Christmas we have 3 for 2 offer all Hilly, Feetures & Balega socks!

Running Lights

Carousel-Nathan-Image-1 Blog newSafety while running is crucial, but especially during the dark depths of winter! Nathan offer a selection of lightweight, functional LED lights that you can add to any outfit, to brighten up those dark nights. 2 of the best are the Light Bender and the Strobe Light.  The Light Bender is a lightweight band that wraps around your arm to give 360 degree visibility, and comes in at £15.  The Strobe Light comes in at just £10, and can clip onto your shoelaces, a waist-pack or clothing.

So if you are looking for some peace of mind while your loved one is out running through the winter months, these will do the trick!


11-SM-Static-RonhillSeems like an obvious one, but runners can never have enough gloves! The Ronhill Pro Glove is a great option at £15Made with Ronhill’s ‘Regulite’ fabric, they are lightweight and breathable.

If you want to pair these gloves up with the matching hat – we’ve already established I love coordination (!) – there is a Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price offer on Ronhill Pro Beanies & Gloves.  It would take us slightly over my “Gifts Under £15” category at £22.50, but it is an awesome deal nonetheless.

Run4GFT-2TIt Gift Vouchers

And if all else fail, there is always the trusty Gift Voucher. They are available from £5, and they are a great option if you aren’t sure what to get. Why not let them choose?

It’s our mission to make your present buying easy (and stress-free) this season. Hopefully this has filled your head with plenty of ideas, when it comes to small but mighty Christmas gifts, perfect for any runner’s stocking!

Willing to spend a wee bit more? Read our Non-Runner’s Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts for Runners for more brilliant gift ideas!


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