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With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, a topical blog was tricky. There are lots of things that we love about running – the routes, the gear, the tech, the connection with other runners. But what about the other loves in our lives – the people around us? They are our back up, our support, our team that give us the space, time and freedom to enjoy our sport, even if they aren’t runners themselves. Isn’t that what Valentine’s is about?

I am definitely lucky when it comes to my support team as it seems to stretch far and wide, but my biggest supporters are my boyfriend and my twin sister. They make sure I always have someone waiting for me at the end of my latest event, run the bath after my latest long run, or massage away the mysterious aches and pains that can appear anywhere from my Achilles to between my shoulder blades.

We love to run because of the freedom it gives us, the sense of achievement from completing a distance or reaching a specific time. But these motivations don’t always have the same impact on the people around us. They don’t really understand why we drag ourselves out onto the pavements on a Sunday morning but they let us go and promise us a breakfast feast on our return. They can rearrange their faces to polite interest when they know word for word the story we are about to tell about that one race.

They also stand in the rain politely but insistently edging their way to the barriers to get that finisher’s picture, they grow extra hands to hold all of our gear at the finish, they remember spare plasters and energy drinks, and then they are the ones who raise a toast in our general direction when we complete our event because they support us.

I wanted to write this to say thanks to my amazing team in a way I never really do because I know I’m pretty lucky to have such support. So maybe this Valentine’s Day, before you head out for your long Sunday run, make them breakfast in bed to say thanks. I mean, obviously you are still going to go, but this might help show them what they mean to you!

And if you are you a runner’s other half? Lucky you! Buying them the perfect gift should be a cinch – instead of a dozen red roses why not try one of these (or should we say as well as – no one is sad when they are given flowers. Just saying).

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