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TomTom Runner 2 – Review

TomTom Runner 2

Inside the TomTom Runner 2 Music + Cardio

I’ve always led an active life, however, it’s only been in the last couple of years that I’ve ramped up my running;  I now run about three times a week and take part in 10k races helping to raise funds and awareness of scoliosis, a spinal condition that I live with.

I prefer to run by myself and find it a great way to escape daily stresses and clear my head, or fill it with rock music depending on my mood. The vast majority of my running is done on the road, however, occasionally I take it off road for a bit of trail running.

Metrics that matter

TomTom My SportsDespite not being an overly competitive runner I do like to monitor my progress both during and after a run and use this data as motivation to keep pushing me forward.

The TomTom Runner 2 Music + Cardio captures the key metrics that I like to track including distance, pace, time, and step count, with the data easily accessible while on the run.

In addition, it also captures active minutes, calories burnt 24/7, and includes a built-in heart monitor; while these are not key metrics for me, it’s still fun to check them out every once in a while – and it gives extra motivation to beat the previous weeks active minutes total.

A fitness pal in TomTom MySports

While it’s great to be able to check my stats on the go, I prefer to just get my head down and run and do my stats checking post race. The TomTom Runner 2 easily syncs wirelessly to TomTom MySports where I can then sit down and assess my run; being part of the TomTom family, I know I can rely on the accuracy of the GPS data recorded – a big selling point for me.

All your favourite tunes, minus the bulk & wires

Its sleek, lightweight design and capacity to store 500 songs were big pluses for me. I hated having carry my phone or iPod and wear a separate GPS device, to get music and metrics while running. The TomTom Runner 2 Music + Cardio gives me the option to run with or without music without the need to carry an extra device – all I have to remember is to my Jabra Bluetooth headphones!

TomTom Runner 2

Not just for running (!)

The deal clincher for me was the adaptability of the Runner 2.  Despite its name, the Runner 2 Music + Cardio is not just for runners, and captures data all day long regardless of your activity.  If I decide to go for a cycle, the gym, or even a walk the Runner 2 records my step count, active minutes and other metrics meaning that when I check my stats I get a complete overview of my whole days activities, not just my run.

Other players inTomTom-2015-Sales-Kits-Running-(1) the Runner 2 range

Runner 2 Music (without Cardio): If music is a must-have but tracking your heart rate isn’t a major concern, then the Runner 2 Music (without Cardio) would be the perfect watch for you.

Runner 2 (without Music or Cardio): If you just want a straight forward multi-sport activity tracking watch then  opt for the Runner 2 (without Music or Cardio).

The TomTom Runner 2 range is versatile, offering watches with differing features at different price points, to suit the needs and preferences of the user!

Enjoy £20 Off all TomTom Runner 2 models this September! 


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