Why Wear Running Shoes?

wear running shoes

Running is a sport that has grown in popularity over the years; this may be due to the ease of access to the sport or the fact that it is relatively inexpensive. Whether to wear correctly fitted running shoes, or wear running shoes at all, has been the subject of some debate over the past year, with studies emerging questioning the need for expensive running shoes. Running is a great way to increase fitness, lose weight, meet new people and for general improvement of wellbeing. Issues, unfortunately arise when inexperienced runners take to the streets without adequate conditioning and correct footwear.

Anyone who has ventured through the doors of Run 4 It will have experienced the vast range of footwear on the wall; the reason for this choice is to enable individuals to always get a shoe that suits them. Confusion often exists regarding what type of shoe do I need? And why do I need a running shoe to be fitted? Each individual has a different foot type and shape, flat foot, high arched, wide/narrow. This has a bearing on the type of shoe they will need. Not only is the foot type important but also the type of terrain, distance being run, weight of the individual, training level and experience. Having the shoe correctly fitted will limit the likelihood of injury, and make your running more enjoyable. Running Shoes have been specially designed to work with the individuals feet rather than do the work for them, when there is any biomechanical issue then the shoe will re align this and limit the risk of injury to the individual.

So why should you wear running shoes? The importance of wearing not only the correct shoes, but also changing the shoes on a regular basis, especially if you are running on a regular basis cannot be underestimated. If you have never been correctly fitted for running shoes you should get along to your nearest Run 4 It store to be evaluated for the correct shoe. All our staff are trained to the highest standard, they will ensure you get the best shoe for not only your foot type but your running needs.

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