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Why do you love to Run?

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air. So, what better time to consider why we all love to run. Why are we so passionate about it? Why do we stick with it through thick and thin?

To find the answer I turned to the members of Metro Aberdeen Running Club. Tell me three things you love about running, I asked. I was amazed by the response. The comments came flooding in and what struck me immediately was that more than a few people felt it difficult to contain themselves to only three reasons, such was their love affair with our sport.

Metro Aberdeen

So, what did they say and how many of the views are shared by others? Some remarks made me laugh so
much, but unfortunately aren’t really suitable for sharing with a family audience. Sorry folks!

What we have, however, is a rainbow selection of poignant, passionate, funny, motivational and inspiring comments. Above all, the sheer variety of reasons given for loving running shows just how many positive benefits the sport can offer from a physical, psychological, emotional and social point of view.

And, appropriately, at least two people revealed they found true love after meeting the women who would become their wives through their involvement with running.

I’ve summarised the views below. So please read on, and let us know your own thoughts on why you love to run.

Why I love running and what it gives me:

  • Everything you ever need to know about yourself, you can learn in any hard training session or race (especially over 26.2 miles).
  • Head  space…It’s as good, if not better, for the mind than the body!
  • Nike change their colour trends twice a year and Asics release on average four colours per shoe…so there’s amazing opportunities to shop online throughout the year!!
  • A sense of challenging myself.
  • A sense of achievement.
  • Having something in common with so many runners that enables conversation to unravel other’s stories and race/running experiences.
  • I can de-stress, keep fit and indulge in my other loves of crisps and wine
  • I can eat cake, drink beer and maintain a respectable level of fitness.
  • It’s  something I used to replace the exercise I got when I stopped playing rugby.
  • It’s great way to discover places I visit.
  • In a race, no matter how you perform there is always encouragement from other racers or supporters.
  • I love the ‘after run’ buzz.
  • I have met the nicest, like-minded peeps I now call my best chums.
  • I love booze/food and running is my diet.
  • Mincing around in tight fitting, colourful synthetic fabrics.
  • Get away from the wife and kids!
  • It’s ‘me’ time.
  • It helps me think.
  • I get to be smug after.
  • The challenge.
  • The bling.
  • I can run around the woods in the dark with other like-minded crazies!
  • Running with the club.
  • Getting to spend quality time with my dad.
  • The buzz after a pb or good run (nothing quite like it).
  • Being part of a sport that has such a huge spectrum of participants, all ages, shapes, sizes, abilities, it is one of the most inclusive.
  • The first and main reason is hard to describe. In its most simplified way I can only compare it to being in love … you don’t know why or how but it just feels right.
  • Challenging myself to be better.
  • The effect of euphoria and self-achievement when it’s done (on a good day).
  • It forces me to spend time in the real world away from my phone, tv and the dramas of day to day life.
  • I can eat and relax guilt free afterwards without the need to explain myself.
  • I can openly sing in the streets like an idiot (as long as its early enough in the morning… got caught by a dog walker this morning mid Eye of the Tiger……. awkward!
  • The feeling of grandness when you achieve your goal: finish a marathon, or an ultra.
  • The chance to run through amazing scenery.
  • The high when you know you are getting a PB.
  • It makes me feel good about my body & what it can do.
  • The social time with the great people I meet.
  • The post run coffee, chat and cake when I’m parkrunning.
  • Keeps me sane and helps me get through the day at work in a job where I have to deal with some very difficult and challenging individuals.
  • That buzz you get from finishing a race knowing you’ve given it your all and the hard work has paid off.
  • The camaraderie and support you get and give to others. We all want to do well as individuals but I get a lot of satisfaction seeing my mates achieve their goals too .
  • Buzz, banter,celebratory beers.
  • Helps switch off my brain.
  • Gets me outside so I see a lot of cool stuff/people.
  • Means I can eat lots.
  • To stay alive.
  • Memories and pals.
  • To explore places I would never normally see.
  • To spend lots of time outdoors rather than in pub.
  • The running community is fab.
  • To be free as a bird.
  • Forget all your worries.
  • Getting in the dubs at cross country! (note for readers outside the Aberdeen area: dubs = mud and other gooey substances)
  • Push boundaries.
  • Escape people.
  • Meet people.
  • Keeps me sane/burn off the crazy (or some of it)!
  • The buzz after a good session or race.
  • Most importantly the people….Like minded headers!
  • Gives me thinking time .
  • To push myself.
  • To make friends and memories.
  • The amazing feeling you get when you complete a run that you once thought you could never do.
  • Meet other crazy people.
  • Clears the mind.
  • You get to eat A LOT.
  • It’s an excuse to fuel your body with Guinness.
  • To be fit, healthy & happy.
  • Stats – lots of stats!
  • A sprint finish!
  • Meeting my future wife!
  • Started running because my Dad did and I was inspired by him.
  • Joined a club, met my wife and kept going to simply have a reason to hang out with her before asking her out.
  • Running is now our shared interest and we run to spend time together and be better (and I run in desperation to keep up with her)
  • I can make friends who inspire me and who I can respect.
  • Part of my personality and makes me as me.
  • I can eat a lot but still can keep my fitness.
  • No language barrier!
  • It facilitates adventures
  • There’s a long chain of achievable but significant challenges
  • I’m addicted to the buzz
  • Racing the clock,the clock rules ‘n never slows down, so keep up or go for a latte.
  • The camaraderie within the club,
  • I can’t think why anyone would not run! I’ve pretty much always ran and nothing beats a huge off-road downhill, flying but always millimetres from wiping out
  • Headspace
  • You can do it anywhere and don’t need any fancy kit
  • I can be royally greedy and not get fat!
  • It gives me “head space” you work through your day/worries/emotions and usually realise at the end of the run that “this to shall pass” it’s taught me that I’m not a quitter! The body complains & says it can’t go further but the mind says it isn’t so and on and on you go, further and further and maybe even a little faster
  • It’s just so simple and can be done anywhere, road, track, trail, grass, at home and away…take your kit and explore! P.S. The guys & gals at the running club aren’t half bad either
  • The best thing for me (possibly over and above the health improvements that it has brought) – that I’ve found something I really enjoy.
  • Running is something that you can constantly use to challenge yourself and improve. No matter the distance or how you’ve done, you can always achieve something. The sense of achievement from these provides a real buzz.
  • The camaraderie. The encouragement during races from other runners really keeps you going when you think things are getting too tough. This is multiplied by some degree in a club environment. Like many, I guess, I was rather apprehensive about joining a club. Worried that unless you are up there with the quickest runners you’d end up feeling left out. Nothing could have been further from the truth.
  • Running is a wonderful way to switch off from other thoughts. Just get out there and lose yourself in a long run, totally switched off from the world. Utter bliss….
  • De-stress
  • Outdoors, fresh air, care free
  • It’s the last event of triathlon so a strong run is great to have and gives a great feeling in overtaking as many fast swim / bikers as you can catch!
  • Life changing hobby
  • Ultimate confidence builder
  • Meet people who will be my friends for life

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