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Winter Running – Top Tips from Real Runners

Its that time of year again when it’s dark, wet and altogether a bit dreich outside. But, fear of the colder months shouldn’t keep you from getting out and enjoying some winter running under the moonlight. We asked four of our top bloggers who run rain, snow or shine, how they keep going whilst the sun is tucked up in bed.

Stay Positive

Choose to love the wind and rain, enjoy the sleet and snow. Embrace the bitterness of cold mornings and shun the dreariness of long dark evenings. Let the weather throw everything at you and then laugh back in its face. It needn’t be so tough to convince yourself to go out for a run during the winter months. All you need do is adopt a positive mind-set and believe that you will reap the benefits from training in conditions which others may use as an excuse for doing nothing. Fraser Clyne

Keep Warmkeep-your-wallet-warm-this-winter-yfn

Plan how you will get warm after – is the heating on to warm your towel, do you have enough milk for a hot
chocolate (extra protein!) or your favourite fluffy slippers looked out? So when you are half way round, you can be comforted by the fact that when you get in, your rewards will be warm!
Helen Wilkinson

Set a goal

Sign up for a spring race. Remembering that you have a target to aim for will help give you the motivation to get out the door. Imagine how great you’ll feel as you glide effortlessly round your chosen race, perhaps achieving a new PB along the way, and you’ll be desperate to get out for your run and make it happen. Allison McArthur

Don’t be afraid

Be unbeatable, be defiant and get out there. Put in your winter miles, get out into the cold and be safe in the knowledge that with each step you are getting better. You are getting faster, fitter and stronger. The cold and bitter mornings are only temporary, but your reward will be permanent. Just remember that you can never be beaten if you never give in and winter will not be the exception to the rule. Charlie Guest


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