Worst (and Best) Christmas Gifts

We’ve all received a bad gift or two in our time. Suffered through an awkward silence. Put on our best fake smile!

To give you a giggle, we asked some of the Run4It elves to reveal the worst Christmas gifts they have ever received – as well as recommend a winning gift, for those deserving runners in your life! See if you can top what follows folks…..

 Tom, Run4It Bridge of Allan –

The worst gift I ever received was an egg cup dressed up as one of the Queens Guards complete with a cutter to make toast soldiers. Why my mother thought this to be a good idea is a mystery to me because, apart from the fact I hadn’t used an egg cup for the best part of 20 years, at the time my only source of boiled eggs came from the army cookhouse in barracks and there was absolutely no way I was going to use this thing in front of my fellow paratroopers!

As a fell and ultra runner my ideal Christmas gift would be a pair of Inov8 X-Talons or Hoka Speedgoats. The X-Talon is a firm favourite among hill runners for their superb grip and weight of just 212 grams. With their enormous amounts of cushioning and Vibram Megagrip sole, the Speedgoats are my go to shoe for any off road ultra-marathon.


Jordan, Run4It Giffnock –  

It has to be that mushed up banana I found at bottom of my stocking on the morning of the 25th of December 2012. Although the banana itself was tasty (I’m partial to a bruised banana), it did leave a rather nasty sticky residue on everything else!

The best gift you can buy for any music loving runner has to be a pair of Aftershokz open ear bone conduction headphones (starting at £49.99). The biggest benefit of Aftershokz (compared to standard sport headphones and earbuds) is situational awareness and safety.

Bypassing the ear canal and drum, Aftershokz send vibrations through the cheekbones directly to the inner ear, delivering sound without plugging or covering them!

We stock the whole Shokz squad here at Run4It – from the Sportz Titanium wired headphones, to the wireless Trekz Titanium (also available in Mini for those with a petite head) and the ultra-lightweight Trekz Air. Come instore to test em oot!

Shaun, Run4It Inverness –

My Mum and Dad have been on the receiving end of a fair few terrible gifts. One year, they got matching travel rugs to keep in the car for long journeys “for both comfort and emergencies.” Problem was, not only do they dislike ‘His and Her’ sappy couples’ gifts, they didn’t even own a car the time!

But nevertheless all’s well that ends well – our cat Bounty happily co-opted the travel rug, to curl up in comfort on the couch!

Bounty on his travel rug (2010)

I recommend the Petzl Actik Core 350 Lumens Head Torch (£49.99). It’s a great gift because a good powerful head torch is a necessity for dark winter nights. It’s ideal for a variety of outdoor activities and is adaptable to many different situations. It comes with a rechargeable battery pack which over it’s lifetime will save money on expensive batteries.

Romain, Run4It Dundee 

My godmother has strong religious beliefs and she knows that I’m a bit of a bookworm, so one Christmas she gave me the Bible in Comic Book form (900-plus-pages). A very original gift indeed, but not one I was hankering after!

Romain reading

I live by the mantra: “A fit body leads to a fit mind!” and advocate getting out and staying active in all seasons… even during the dark, cold and wet Scottish winter! 2XU Reflective Compression Tights are a great gift to keep you going during winter. Forget the feeling of fatigue in your legs and stay visible with the 360 degree reflective details. Compression tights are also great for recovery after a long run – pull them on, sit back and relax with a hot bevvy and a good book! ????

 Kerry, Run4It Maybury 

The worst pressie I have ever received is a tin of Heinz baked beans. My brother got a black mark against his name and zero points for creativity!

Now for my best gift. Technical running socks are an affordable yet awesome gift for any runner. Proper running socks (made of synthetic fibres) prevent all sorts of nasties – from blisters, to bruises and black toenails!

Exclusively for Christmas, we have a 3 for 2 offer on all socks from leading brands Balega, Hilly & Feetures. With different styles, weights and varying levels of cushioning to choose from, you’re bound to find a perfect pair!

To find out more about our Christmas gifts range, read Katie’s Magical Gifts for Runners blog next!

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