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HOKA Bondi vs HOKA Clifton

Read our HOKA Bondi 8 vs HOKA Clifton 9 Review.

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HOKA’s original mission was to help make running downhill feel easier. Taking inspiration from how wheels roll down slopes, the curved heel-toe midsole was born - or as HOKA call it, the Meta-Rocker. Many runners also find this curved midsole geometry helps alleviate the stress on the lower leg area, such as the calf muscles. In a similar vein, the HOKA running shoes we stock at Run4It feature their Active Foot Frame technology. As this functions like a bucket seat for your feet, your feet should feel supported and secure. We stock an extensive range of men’s and women’s HOKA running shoes at Run4It - for both road and trail running. We also stock wide-fitting and Black/White HOKA running shoes in specific models. If you’ve heard of HOKA, you’ve probably heard about the Clifton 9 neutral running shoes. These are one of their most popular models as they’re lightweight, supportive, and offer great cushioning. They’re likely to perform well over a range of paces and feel good if you pick up the pace too. Although, if you’re searching for the most cushioned HOKA neutral running shoes, the Bondi 8 are likely to be the best options. They offer more cushioning and protection than the Clifton 9 and are better suited to longer distances. They’re also more durable. While the HOKA Clifton 9 and HOKA Bondi 8 both feature Active Foot Frame support, if you need more stability, the Arahi 7 and Gaviota 5 should be the better choices. The HOKA Arahi 7 stability running shoes are made with HOKA’s trademarked J-Frame support. To explain further, a denser section of foam on the medial side of the midsole actively reduces excess pronation. Therefore, helping stabilise your feet and ankles. In contrast, the HOKA Gaviota 5 stability running shoes feature a very similar design to the Bondi 8. However, a firmer section of foam, that interlocks in the middle, runs around the edge of the upper midsole. This delivers a holistic style of support that should help you when you need it. It’s likely this style of HOKA support works best for reducing knee and hip instability. The Gaviota 5 should also be better than the Arahi 7 for longer distances, as they’re more cushioned. HOKA are famous for their trail running shoes. At Run4It, we believe the HOKA Challenger ATR 7 are one of the best door-to-trail running shoes. They’re effectively a HOKA Clifton with more grip. If you’re heading out onto more serious trails, you’ve got to consider the HOKA Speedgoat 5 with their Vibram Megagrip with Traction Lug outsole. The high level of cushioning and amazing grip makes these HOKA trail running shoes a must have for long distance off-road runs. Of course, the perfect set-up for trail runners is to have both the Challenger ATR and Speedgoat. Customers regularly visit us at Run4It for HOKA running shoes after receiving advice from a podiatrist. The curved midsole design can help reduce the amount of load going through the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. For this reason, HOKA running shoes may help reduce the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.


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