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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  20.04.2022 •  4 min read

Brooks Glycerin 20 review: What makes DNA Loft V3 cushioning so good?

If you run, chances are you’ll have heard someone tell you how good Brooks running shoes are. Brooks’ goal is simple, for people to “Run Happy”. A lot of runners like Brooks running shoes because they feel soft underfoot and springy at the same time. However, Brooks are always working on ways to improve their shoes and deliver an even better running experience. This has resulted in the evolution of an all new cushioning material which is meant to be their best yet: DNA LOFT v3. The new Glycerin franchise has been updated with this state of the art midsole material.

What is DNA LOFT v3?

Without getting too technical, Brooks took their highly cushioned DNA LOFT cushioning, that you'll find in the Ghost and Adrenaline, and infused it with nitrogen. This makes it lighter, softer and more energy returning than DNA LOFT. You could say this boasts some of the features of a superfoam. To make sure this new foam stands up to the test, the fine-tuned nitrogen injection uses large-cell foaming to optimise the responsiveness and cushioning without sacrificing durability.

So it’s pretty simple, DNA LOFT v3 should deliver Brooks’ softest underfoot feel yet, but with no downside. Normally softer materials compromise energy return. However, the unique construction overcomes that problem and creates a cushioning material that feels ultra bouncy underfoot.

Close up of mens Glycerin 20.

Glycerin 20 or Glycerin GTS 20?

GTS stands for “Go To Support”. The Glycerin 20 is neutral and the Glycerin GTS 20 has additional support in the form of GuideRails. If you’re a neutral runner and have relatively stable feet, the Glycerin is the right option for you. If you have a little bit of instability in your foot and/or higher up in the leg, the Glycerin GTS 20 will be the better option. The GuideRails offer a holistic style of support which helps to reduce rotation at the knee joint - the area most prone to running related injuries. The GuideRails support only kicks in when you need it, so if you feel like your form deteriorates in the later stages of a run, you can benefit from the extra support without being inhibited at other points.

How will the Glycerin franchise improve your run?

The Glycerin models will help make slower to steady paced miles feel easier. DNA LOFT v3 will provide amazing cushioning and lots of energy return to help reduce the load placed on muscles and joints. Many of us have to fit in our runs within busy schedules and that can often result in our legs feeling a bit tired and flat. Running in a shoe which creates an ultra bouncy underfoot feel definitely helps on those days and makes the run more enjoyable. If you’re looking for as much help as possible, the Glycerin franchise is where to go. The Glycerin franchise will provide more cushioning than the Ghost and Adrenaline.


Woman running with Glycerin 20 running shoes

Nitrogen is essential for life on earth, you could argue some nitrogen-infused foam is essential for making running feel easier.

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