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Choose the right Garmin running watch for you

Determine the best fit for you from Garmin's Forerunner range.

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Garmin create GPS watches to help you to plan your training, track your runs and measure your performance. No matter whether you are starting out running, training for your first marathon or an experienced Ironman triathlete - there is a Garmin watch that will match your needs. The Forerunner 55 GPS running smartwatch has all the fundamental features a runner needs, plus suggested workouts and guided training plans. This makes it a solid choice for those looking to step up from a basic fitness tracker and get more serious about their running. If you’re an improver runner after advanced training and recovery insights to run at a higher level or notch your best time yet, the Forerunner 255 GPS running smartwatch is a brilliant option. It benefits from new features including the race widget, heart rate variability (HRV) tracking, and multi-band GPS support. Multi-band uses multiple satellite frequencies to provide better, stronger and more accurate tracking in environments susceptible to signal disruption, such as urban areas dominated by tall buildings like Canary Wharf and forest parks where there’s a lot of tree cover. The 255 comes in two versions: Garmin Forerunner 255 (non-music) and Garmin Forerunner 255 Music (capable of storing music). Both versions are available in standard size or ‘S’ size – the S variants featuring a 5mm reduction in watch casing size, perfect for runners with smaller wrists. If you’re a serious runner or triathlete who wants the absolute best in functionality and performance, we recommend considering the Forerunner 265 or Forerunner 965. Both the Forerunner 265 and Forerunner 965 feature amoled screens: Garmin’s brightest screen that they have made to-date.


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