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Mizuno Running Shoes

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How good is the Mizuno Wave Rider 25?

Read our review of the new Mizuno Wave Rider 25.

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The Mizuno men’s and women’s running shoe range at Run4It includes their most popular models. If you’re wondering if Mizuno shoes are good for running, the answer is yes. The Japanese brand was founded in 1906 and quickly established themselves as masters of their craft. While Mizuno makes equipment for a variety of sports, their range of running shoes are at the forefront of innovation. You might notice almost all of the Mizuno running shoes stocked at Run4It include Wave in the name. This is Mizuno’s signature cushioning technology. Each model features a specific Wave construction to suit a specific type of run. To explain further, certain Mizuno running shoes feel better for slower paced runs, while others suit steadier paced runs. Some are even designed for all-out speed. Whether you’re looking for neutral or stability Mizuno running shoes, there’s an option to suit. If you’re looking for soft Mizuno running shoes, we recommend the Wave Skyrise 5. In addition to a Wave construction that disperses forces, they have an ultra soft Mizuno Enerzy heel insert. Making them ideal for heel strikers and slower paced runs. While this suits a lot of runners’ needs, you may be searching for something that feels better at both slow and steady speeds. If so, the iconic Mizuno Wave Rider 28 should be the best choice. This is because they feature a combination of Mizuno Enerzy Nxt and Mizuno Enerzy cushioning, with a propulsive Wave Plate sandwiched between the foams. As mentioned, almost every Mizuno model has Wave in the name. The only one missing this are the Mizuno Neo Vista Running Shoes. These also feature the nitrogen-infused Mizuno Enerzy Nxt foam. However, in contrast to the Wave Rider, the Neo Vista features an ultra high-stacked midsole that’s made purely from this foam. There’s also a full-length nylon Wave Plate running through the midsole. The result? An incredible bouncy underfoot experience, that works for everything from slow or steady efforts, to tempo sessions. Searching for more supportive Mizuno running shoes? The Mizuno Wave Equate 8 and Wave Inspire 20 should be the better choices. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 20 are effectively a stability version of the Wave Rider, as they feature a more supportive Wave Plate design. These should perform well over a range of paces and distances. If you don’t mix up your pace, the Wave Equate 8 might be the right options. These great value stability running shoes provide lots of support for unstable feet and ankles. They should feel at their best on slower paced runs. In contrast to this, if you’re running faster, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 are the ones to go for. Featuring Mizuno’s Smooth Speed Assist technology, a carbon-infused Wave Plate, and their most energy returning cushioning, the Rebellion Pro are born for speed. In fact, they’re specifically designed to help runners achieve the fastest times in marathons. Mizuno running shoes are trusted by lots of runners because of how they fit. In our experience, Mizuno running shoes fit generously in the forefoot area and hold the ankle securely. This is a great combination for a lot of runners.


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