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Running Clothing

Running clothes made of technical fabrics which help to wick moisture away from your body, will help you stay dry and comfortable and prevent chafing over longer distances.

We stock a wide range of running clothing at Run4It, from breathable t-shirts that feel great against the skin; to twin shorts that prevent chafing and allow you to carry gels; to jackets that offer protection against the wind and rain without any excess bulk or risk of overheating.

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Many of our products feature reflective fabric and details, allowing you to be easily noticed by others when running in the dark.
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Choose from short to long length, split racer to twin layer to tight.

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What are the best running clothes? The answer to that question is very much dependent on the time of year and the weather conditions.

When running in the cold, it is a good idea to wear close fitting items such as full-length leggings, long-sleeve tops and jackets, so that warm air can be trapped close to your body. Technical running clothing will breathe to help prevent overheating. Check out our Best for Cold Days collection which includes items from Ronhill and GORE® Wear

For wet and windy weather, a running jacket is an essential part of a runner's wardrobe. In light rain, a weather-resistant running jacket will often provide ample protection, however in heavy rain it makes more sense to wear a waterproof running jacket for increased protection. A waterproof running jacket will always be windproof.

Whether it is a result of preference or necessity, many miles are logged during the hours of darkness. Reflective clothing can help you to be seen by other road users. Whilst bright clothing can be very noticeable, it is often reflective strips that are the most noticeable feature on high-viz items of running clothing. 

Breathable t-shirts and running shorts are ideal for training and racing in warm weather conditions. Great options exist in our range, including very cool options from Nike featuring Nike's signature Dri-FIT Technology. For short to medium distance runs, brief-lined shorts can be a great choice. However, for long runs, we would usually recommend twin-lined shorts as they can really help to prevent chafing. 

Purposefully designed for running: it is worth noting that running clothing is specifically designed for use whilst running, and is constructed to move with your body during a run, in order to be as comfortable as possible. The same principle applies to most running bras


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