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The men’s and women’s Nike running clothing range at Run4It is made up of a range of different styles and fits. We’ve carefully selected some of Nike’s best running clothing, that we know you’ll love. You can choose the fit, style and look that suits your aspirations and goals. Nike’s signature Dri-FIT technology is added to the Nike running clothing we stock. This technology ensures the fabric wicks sweat quickly from your skin and dries fast. It keeps you cooler in hot environments, such as the gym or warm summer days. On the flipside, Dri-FIT technology regulates your body temperature in cold weather, as it reduces the chances of icy winds hitting sweaty material. We have some great Nike clothing options for warm weather runs and racing. The women’s Nike Pro 5 Inch running shorts or Dri-FIT Tempo Race Brief-Lined running shorts are the choice of many for runs in the heat and races. While the stand-out option for men is the Dri-FIT Aeroswift 1/2 Length racing tights. These are designed for maximum speed, breathability and comfort. In the men’s Nike running clothing range, you can choose from different vest fabrics. The more expensive Nike vests typically incorporate more advanced stitching techniques and fabrics to enhance comfort. However, we believe they’re all great and you can pick what’s right for you. We have short and long sleeve Nike running tops for men and women. Short sleeve Nike tops are great options for gym workouts, strength sessions and runs in a range of temperatures. When the temperature drops, we recommend opting for a Nike Dri-FIT Element piece. We love how soft the fabric feels against the skin and how well it performs on cooler days. A special mention goes to the men’s Nike Miler Dri-FIT short sleeve running top. This iconic running tee is simply incredible value for money and fits amazingly well. Nike conducts extensive research when they’re designing their running clothing. The women’s Nike One Dri-FIT leggings are a prime example. The attention to detail that has gone into making these women’s Nike running tights is what makes them work so well for lots of runners. If you’re looking for great fitting women’s running tights, you should check them out. We also stock Nike running clothing at Run4It in a range of sizes, including Plus Size. Options in the women’s Plus Size clothing runs from 1X, 2X and 3X. We have men’s Nike Plus Size clothing in 2XL, 3XL and 4XL. We believe the right running clothing has a significant impact on your running performance. If it feels good and fits well, you’re more likely to enjoy your run. We’ve all got that favourite piece of running clothing that we keep going back to. However, there’s nothing better than updating your running wardrobe with a fresh pair of shorts or stylish running top. You know you can always trust the Nike swoosh when it’s time for a change.


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