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True Motion is a highly technical, science based running shoe brand at the forefront of running technology. Led by Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann, Andre Kriwet and Christian Arens with over 25 years of experience in biomechanical studies and running shoe design, True Motion are on a mission to reduce injuries for everyday runners. The range of True Motion road running shoes at Run4It offer a number of options to use whilst training towards your next running goal. U-Tech structures used in True Motion running shoes help to centre forces and act as a cradle for the foot to land on, aligning the foot with the ankle, knee and hip joints above forming a strong kinetic chain. This strong kinetic chain should reduce the risk of injury to joints caused by uneven loads being exerted on them, particularly for the knee which is where over 50% of all running injuries occur. The U-Tech Solo features double U-Tech technology with a separate structure used in the forefoot and the rearfoot - creating stability for both rearfoot and forefoot strikers, and produces high energy return for a responsive ride. For runners that favour maximum cushioning the U-Tech Aion features a full-length U-Tech midsole which has shown in studies to further reduce stress on the Achilles tendon & knee. Motion Bridge technology has been implemented throughout the True Motion range to better connect the landing and take off phases of a running stride. The more fluid connection between phases shortens the amortisation time taken between strides. This is the time required to move from the stretching phase into the driving phase of a running motion; the shorter this is the better as it results in more propulsive power being produced towards pushing you forward into your next step. Any improvement in the amortisation phase leads to increased stretch shortening cycle efficiency; the system in which your body acts like a spring, storing all the elastic energy during compression (landing), then making it available for release whilst taking off. Improved stretch shortening cycle efficiency is directly linked to increased running economy and there are a variety of training plans designed specifically to target this. The U-Tech Nevos featuring Motion Bridge technology has the additional benefit of rotated flex grooves in the premium outsole carbon rubber that increase traction and further maximise the power that can be exerted during push off. If you’re looking for a road running shoe that helps reduce the chances of injury, particularly around the knee area, True Motion running shoes may be the answer for you. All of the True Motion shoes at Run4It are designed to reduce the stress placed on areas that are prone to problems. Depending on the underfoot experience you’re looking for, you can choose from the Nevos, Aion or Solo.


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