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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  01.04.2022 •  4 min read

How good is the Mizuno Wave Rider 25?

Why is the Mizuno Wave Rider 25 one of the Japanese brand’s most popular models? Because it’s held up well over time. First released in 1997, the 25th edition was launched in 2021. While Mizuno have always made rational and considered modifications to the core model, it’s come a long way in a quarter of a century. The Wave Rider continues to deliver an experience that suits the needs of a lot of runners. It’s well cushioned but feels springy and the durability is great.

Close up of Mizuno Wave Rider 25 running shoe on a wall

The tech

Let’s start with the cushioning, it’s made from Mizuno’s in-house midsole foam: MIZUNO ENERZY. This is a soft material that also offers great energy return - it’s around 17% softer and delivers 15% more energy return than their previous midsole material. It sits somewhere in the middle of the scale from soft to firm. A Wave Plate, Mizuno’s trademark technology, is added to the foam to create a little bit more stability and propulsion. Another benefit of the Plate is that it helps disperse shock evenly throughout the midsole. Mizuno shoes tend to offer a broader fit and the Wave Rider is consistent with this. At the same time, a supportive AeroHug upper holds the foot in place and ensures great support.

Tech features

  • Weight: Men’s 275g and Women’s 230g
  • Drop: 12mm - 36mm to 24mm

How will the Wave Rider improve your run?

While there’s a lot of merit in alternating between different running shoes for varying paces, a lot of runners are looking for one reliable pair that they can run comfortably in for a mixture of efforts.

A genuine all-rounder

The cushioning in the Wave Rider feels cushioned at easier to steady paces but doesn’t feel too soft at brisker efforts. This balanced design offers a propulsive experience that genuinely works for recovery runs, longer miles and some intervals. So, if you are looking for a running shoe that covers all the bases, the Wave Rider 25 could be the right option for you.

Some of the Run4It Team tried out the Wave Rider 25, read on if you want to find out more:

Mohamed said: “This is a well-rounded shoe that you can use for multiple types of runs. It provides enough cushioning and protection for those easy run days, but it is also light and responsive which makes it perfect if you want to pick the pace up slightly. The upper mesh feels luxurious, and the fit is perfect - something I noticed the first time I tried the shoes on. If you are looking for a solid shoe that’s comfortable with an amazing fit and good energy return, then this is the shoe for you.”

Man holding Mizuno running shoe in front with shoe wall behind

Murray said: “I have just received the Mizuno Wave Riders and this shoe is a perfect shoe for comfort and responsiveness. I would not change anything about the Wave Rider and I think the shoe would be great to run at any pace.”

Cameron said: “Having the full-length MIZUNO ENERZY in the top midsole and ENERZY reinforcement in the heel provides excellent cushioning and a bouncy heel to toe transition. I ran 5km in these and it was a very smooth run, they fit very comfortably around the ankle and toe box. The width is also great and has a seamless fit.”

It provides enough cushioning and protection for those easy run days, but it is also light and responsive which makes it perfect if you want to pick the pace up slightly.

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