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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  27.05.2022 •  4 min read

Introducing the Maurten Solid

Maurten are now famous in the world of sport nutrition for their Hydrogel technology. While their Gel and Drink Mix fuels are at the forefront of product innovation, each is designed to deliver energy in the most simple and effective way possible. This focus on providing stand out performance has led to the evolution of their first non-Hydrogel product, the Solid. You might think this is just another energy bar, but it’s definitely not. The Solid is a performance focused oat and rice-based chewable.

Maurten have stayed true to their founding principles: science, the athlete, nutrition and innovating performance. It’s not a Hydrogel, but it’s unapologetically Maurten.

0% Hydrogel 100% Maurten

There are two new products, the Solid 225 and Solid 225 C. The number is representative of the calories in the Solid, just like the numbers on any Maurten product. Solid 225 is sweet and natural. The C in the Solid 225 C means cocoa, not caffeine, and offers up a slightly different taste. Total amount of carbohydrate is 44.6g per 60g serving (plain) and 43.9g per 60g serving (cocoa). 

“Really like the taste – neutral and sweet.” Flora Duffy – 2020 Olympic Triathlon Gold Medallist.

Back to basics

Rather than creating another energy bar that is designed to have snack appeal, Solid is designed for both performance and recovery. The taste offers some sweetness but isn’t loaded with sugar. Any sweetness comes from a mixture of ingredients, sugar, oats and rice. Solid contains a high amount of carbohydrate in a small package with a minimal ingredient list, and can be used to compliment your Hydrogel fuelling strategy.

On certain occasions we crave something to chew on. This chewable is perfect for those instances:

  • Use as a pre-run snack to increase energy availability. When you’re struggling to think what to eat before a run, but know you’re flagging a bit in energy, the Solid can fill that gap. 
  • When you’re nervous before a race and don’t feel like eating too much, the Solid offers a simple solution that’s high in energy. 
  • In longer distance activities, when you’re looking for some real food, the oat and rice based chewable contains the essentials to keep you going. 
  • If you want to recover faster, replacing carbohydrate stores after training with the Solid is a very simple and effective way to do it.

“I felt fine eating and then being able to go and run, like five minutes later.” Molly Seidel – 2020 Olympic Marathon Bronze Medallist.

A Solid complement to your Hydrogel fueling

Performance doesn’t need to be complicated. Granted Maurten Solid has been meticulously crafted, but the end result is simple: Solid delivers energy when a Gel and Drink Mix isn’t the best option. As Jan Frodeno, the 2008 Olympic Triathlon Champion and multiple Ironman World Champion puts it, “They do the trick – perfectly.” 

When the intensity is higher, in training or competition, Maurten’s Hydrogel options are the superior product. 


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