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Run4It  •  Video •  25.03.2019 •  1 min read

Meet the Runner | The Urban Runner

Meet the Runner

The Run4It team is made up of friendly and enthusiastic folk, with a passion for running and interest in the way running touches lives and changes communities. To give you some insight into what makes us tick, we have created a series of videos to show you what we Run 4…

The Urban Runner

Running in the heart of a metropolitan city is very different from running in a quiet neighborhood or on a trail.

Negotiating towering buildings, bridges and elevated roads and underpasses, whilst navigating traffic, crowds and the constant stop-and-go of the street lights, may not seem like an easy or serene activity or task. But urban running offers thousands of people an instant escape from the daily stresses of life. It encapsulates the very essence of running: simply lacing up your running shoes, heading out the door and putting one foot in front of the other.

This practicality and convenience of urban running is what Gayle, a valued member of the Run4It Edinburgh team, loves. In this video, she explains why she hitting the streets and taking time for herself to push the reset button!

“My name is Gayle and I’m an urban runner. I love being able to just put on my running shoes, open my front door and start running. It gives me the headspace I need from a busy family life and the fitness to run a marathon.

I enjoy the convenience and predictability about urban running. I can just settle into my stride and get lost in the run.

Regarding my gear, I couldn't run without:

  • My super cushioned running shoes (Saucony Omni), to absorb the impact from the road
  • My running belt to keep my keys and phone safe.

For me, the challenge to run can be time, so when I get the opportunity I like to make the most out of the run. I run 3-4 times a week, varying runs with intervals, hills and speedwork. And add in a longer run on the weekend, taking in some local scenery on the way.”

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