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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  16.01.2023 •  4 min read

Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 Review: Propulsive Support

Tech specs:

  • Designed for steady paced running, from short to long distances
  • The entire midsole is now made from Mizuno Enerzy, the brands premium cushioning technology
  • Men's weight: 305g / Women's weight: 245g
  • Drop: 12mm (37.5mm to 25.5mm)
  • £140
  • The Wave Inspire 19 is vegan

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What's new?

The midsole of the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 is made from Mizuno Enerzy. Unlike the previous version, which only featured the material in the heel. Mizuno Enzerzy is 17% softer and 15% more energy returning than the midsole material that was used in the previous model. The midsole is also 2mm thicker. As a result, the new model should feel more cushioned and bouncier. Therefore, it will perform well over a variety of paces. 

Blue Mizuno running shoe on sunlit pavement

Mizuno's signature Wave Plate is now a new shape. The new design stops the arch of the foot collapsing and increases stability to a greater degree. Furthermore, the anatomical Plate shape follows the shape of the foot to smooth out weight transfer from ground contact to toe-off. 

The upper is very similar to the previous model, so feels the same from a fit perspective. However, the fabric contains at least 30% recycled material. 

Who's it for?

The Mizuno Wave Inspire is a stability running shoe, so works for runners who need more support for greater ranges of pronation. Runners with flat arches are likely to benefit from the additional arch support that's provided by the Wave Plate. 

As the midsole is highly protective, but also returns lots of energy, it suits runners who run at a mixture of paces. For example, if you're looking for a running shoe that feels good on your longer slower paced runs, as well some shorter brisker efforts, this is a great option. 

Female and male runner running on bridge in sunshine

If you're searching for a stability running shoe that is wider, the Wave Inspire is a good choice. A supportive heel counter locks your ankle in. While a broad forefoot design offers a spacious feel. 

How does it compare to other Mizuno Models?

Another stability running shoe option from Mizuno is the Wave Equate. This offers a very similar level of support to the Wave Inspire. However, the Wave Equate feels best for slower paced runs. 

If you're wondering how the Wave Inspire compares to the popular Wave Rider, they offer different levels of support. While the Wave Rider features very similar midsole technologies, it doesn't have additional stability built into the midsole. Meaning Wave Rider is a neutral running shoe and suits runners with stable feet. 

How can the Wave Inspire improve your run?

Overall, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 19 offers great cushioning, energy return and support. The midsole delivers an energetic experience, which creates a propulsive underfoot feel - benefiting runners that train at a variety of paces. 

Expertly crafted added support reduces excess pronation in a manner that feels natural and comfortable. Helping lessen the likelihood of problems occurring from greater degrees of rotation in the legs.

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