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Romain Borgeal  •  Running Gear •  25.09.2020 •  8 min read

Ronhill x Mountain Equipment – Introducing the Tech Gore-Tex Jacket

Not all heroes wear capes - they wear waterproof jackets. The modern runner has access to incredibly high-tech gear. Providing superpower-like protection against the toughest elements. Nowadays, a waterproof jacket is enough to fight the elements and survive the worst weather conditions. It has never been easier to move freely in gale force winds, pouring rain or heavy snow.

Super-runner himself, Dr. Ron Hill, founded his running clothing brand in 1970 when running was a niche sport. Ronhill has been at the forefront of its rise and transformation to one of the most popular recreational pastimes. Making clothing for everyone from the beginner to the expert. Dr. Ron Hill was instrumental in the formation of the running industry standards that we benefit from today.

Born and raised in the industrial North of England, Ron set out to craft faultless running gear. Clothing that could withstand the elements and allow runners to pursue their passion. Running and their dedication to a daily hunt for improvement. Yes, that’s what heroes do.

Learn more about the rich running history of Ronhill in our article: The man behind the brand – Ron Hill and the creation of innovative running clothing.

Ronhill jacket - lifestyle image
Image by Ronhill

The story continues and the Ronhill brand has expanded greatly. Offering technically superior gear for men and women, our modern-day superheroes.

Ronhill x Mountain Equipment: the story behind the creation of the Tech Gore-Tex Jacket

Ron’s commitment to improve people’s running experience meant that he had to use the best fabrics for his clothes. For example, he pioneered the first use of Gore-Tex® membrane in running jackets. Granting runners the special power of “complete waterproofness”.

Ronhill continue to work at the cutting-edge of technology. Gore-Tex hasn't featured in Ronhill products in recent years. However, the brand has continued to produce some of the best running jackets in the running market.

In their 50th anniversary year, Ronhill have teamed up with Mountain Equipment to create a pretty special piece of kit. The ultimate waterproof and breathable running outer-layer, the Tech Gore-Tex Jacket.

Combining Ronhill’s running expertise and Mountain Equipment’s knowledge of protective clothing was the ideal collaboration to create the jacket of all jackets. Indeed, Mountain Equipment have been crafting protective clothing for the world’s most extreme outdoor environment since 1961. What they learn from the ascents of the world’s highest peaks or their numerous adventures, they put in their gear.

The perfect partnership, Ronhill and Mountain Equipment are pushing the boundaries of what's possible when it comes to running gear.

The Jacket of All Jackets

The Ronhill Tech Gore-Tex Jacket features some serious innovation, providing mile-after-mile comfort, even in the nastier weather conditions. This incredibly light-weight, quick-drying and breathable jacket is fully waterproof. Suitable for the urban environment as well as running on the hills or trails. This is THE jacket for the most extreme weather conditions. For the long runs in poor weather or for the runners looking for the most protective and lightweight running jacket.

It was engineered with state of the art technologies, making it a real game-changer.
The main feature is the Gore-Tex Shakedry fabric, guaranteeing to keep you dry. The jacket is basically designed with the membrane sitting on the outside of the fabric.

Technical benefits

Persistent beading

Water simply beads up and runs right off the surface, just a couple of shakes remove almost all water. Whether on the streets or the hills, you get no wetted-out face fabric. Which means no chilling effect, and minimal weight gain.

Lightweight design

The jacket has a low pack volume making it feel like almost nothing can weigh you down. Shakedry also offers better mobility.

Extremely breathable

Sweat vapor can easily escape for better comfort and less overheating. The Tech Gore-Tex Jacket features the most breathable Gore-Tex laminate available.

Durably waterproof

The membrane is made of millions of tiny micro pores, too small for water droplets from rain or snow to pass through. After hours of testing and years of experience, it is guaranteed to keep you dry even in heavy rain.

Totally windproof

The fabric won’t let wind through. During your run or during the downtime after your activity, the jacket keeps you warm in cold and windy conditions.

The relaxed fit of the jacket makes it a great option for everyone. Ronhill’s tester team feedback helped get the fit right to allow optimum freedom of movement. The jacket also features an adjustable hood. The hood moulds to your head to stop rain from getting in and provides an unobstructed view.

The Tech Gore-Tex Jacket also includes thumb loops. A great addition to keep your hands protected and to avoid the sleeves to slide down the wrists.

Finally, the secure pocket will allow you to store any running essentials you need to take with you, whether it is a credit card, car keys or gloves.

As Ron would say, “get your kit on, step out the door and you’ll be as right as rain”.

Standout pieces for Autumn/Winter 2021

If the Tech Gore-Tex Jacket isn’t what you’re looking for, Ronhill has a running jacket to suit your need. The 2021 Autumn/Winter range features clothing for every type of weather. From the best clothing for cold days to best for windy & rainy days. Best for runs in the dark to best for the gym or warm days.

And for every type of runner. From the beginner to the more advanced and from the road runner to the trail/hill runner.

We've listed some of our favourites from Ronhill to help you find your perfect running jacket.

Ronhill Tech Fortify Jacket

Fortify Jacket Lifestyle image
Image by Ronhill

The Tech Fortify Jacket offers one of the best levels of protection, allowing runners to go out in any condition. It is waterproof to 30m's (hydrostatic head value), which means it won't let any water through. The jacket has a relaxed fit. This is a great option for runners who don't like tight fits and want to be able to layer other items underneath. While still lightweight, it’s heavier than the Tech Gore-Tex Jacket (approximately 100g).

Ronhill Tech Tornado Jacket

This is the ultimate lightweight ‘grab and go’ jacket. As the Ronhill Tech Tornado Jacket isn't waterproof, breathability is maximised. This will suit runners who tend to overheat or want something lightweight for the milder days or higher intensity sessions. It features soft woven fabric that has a matte finish to provide a great barrier against light rain and blustery conditions. This is the perfect jacket on days when the weather is variable and the start of the run could be different weather to the end.

Ronhill Life Nightrunner range

The Life Nightrunner range was made with the aim of giving runners the greatest chance of being seen by road traffic and pedestrians. The range includes a jacket, tights and shorts featuring iridescent reflective print that provides 360 degree reflectivity. The jacket will provide great protection against the wind and rain in cold conditions, but isn’t waterproof.

Ronhill Life Seamless Hoodie

In cold conditions, this top can be used underneath a jacket to provide extra warmth. It is completely seam free, preventing chafing and offering a very nice, comfortable fit. The Life Seamless hoodie can also be used on its own when training in dryer weather condition, or when stretching or relaxing after a run.

Ronhill Seamless Hoodie lifestyle
Image by Ronhill

Sustainability at the heart of Ronhill’s operations

Ronhill have been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2012. It has an objective to achieve fair working conditions in the garment industry worldwide. They closely monitor their supply chain. Guaranteeing that any branded Ronhill products are made in places with socially equitable working conditions. These include, among others, the payment of living wages, reasonable working hours, safe and healthy working conditions, prevention of child labour and many more. As of July 2016 Ronhill have been awarded ‘Leader Status’ by Fair Wear Foundation. This is the highest level of their performance benchmarking categories.

Ronhill have introduced the use of recycled yarns in some of their products to help in the movement for a more sustainable industry. In 2019, Ronhill first introduced the Tech Stride Revive range using eco-conscious fabric.

Ronhill’s consideration for the planet is key to help them keep writing their story. The one that Dr. Ron Hill started 50 years ago.

Like our founder, we define ourselves by our dedication to running and our unstoppable, daily hunt for improvement.

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