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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  29.04.2022 •  5 min read

Saucony Ride 15 review – A whole new journey

What’s Saucony’s best running shoe? Probably the Ride. Saucony followers love the Ride because it offers reliable cushioning, support and comfort that has gained increasing popularity over the years. However, you could argue that the Ride has been at risk of being left behind by some competitor models that offer more cushioning in a lighter weight package. Saucony responded and the new Ride 15 has been transformed with more cushioning, better efficiency and new geometry, all in a lighter weight construction. Fans of the Ride should love the updates and anyone who is less versed in this Saucony icon will wonder why they’ve not tried a Saucony shoe before.

Ride 15 tech - Neutral Soft

Now with 18% more PWRRUN cushioning and a thicker midsole, the new Ride 15 feels much more cushioned underfoot. This high performance EVA material has also been updated to deliver a plusher and more energetic feel that improves energy return. Speedroll inspired geometry has also been added. Saucony developed this signature design in their popular Endorphin range - the curved midsole geometry creates smoother landings and snappier take-offs to improve efficiency at all paces. For extra underfoot cushioning, a new ETPU PWWRUN+ sockliner has been added. The 7mm thick insert provides best in class performance. 

Despite the Ride 15 being a neutral model, Formfit technology provides great support. While it doesn't feature any additional stability features, the sidewalls of the midsole have been made higher so that they wrap up around the foot. The deep contouring ensures the foot sits into the shoe. This combines with an ultra comfortable upper that continues the Formfit design all the way around the foot. 

Even though it’s more cushioned and supportive, the weight has been dropped by a considerable amount.

Ride 15 stats:

  • Men’s: Midsole offset: 35mm to 27mm (8mm drop) & Weight: 249g (17g lighter than previous model)
  • Women’s: Midsole offset: 35mm to 27mm (8mm drop) & Weight: 221g (17g lighter than previous model)

How can the Ride 15 improve your run?

Some of the Run4It team have been testing out the new model to stamp their seal of approval and let you know how they perform.

Wear tester reviews:

Tom said: “The Saucony Ride 15 boasts a level of comfort comparable to the Brooks Ghost 14 whilst being able to maintain a degree of responsiveness necessary for the faster paces. With a true to size fit and plenty of cushioning in the heel and upper, the Ride 15 does not only offer a great level of comfort but gives enough support for the longer runs. When compared to the previous iteration, the difference is night and day. Although the new version is a little bit more expensive, with the price increase comes a more versatile, soft, and light shoe. I used this shoe for my easy runs and it was perfect, however, it also allowed me to pick up the pace when needed. I would say this shoe is ideal for easy to steady paced runs.”

man smiling holding up bright yellow running shoe

Please note the Acid Lime/Spice colourway (pictured above) was used for wear testing only. The Sapphire/ViZiRed colourway is ranged for men at and in Run4It shops.

Imogen said: “Having never run in Saucony before, I was intrigued by the hype around the Ride 15, and it certainly didn’t disappoint! The Ride lives up to its billing as an all-around, neutral workhorse shoe, for city slickers and country bumpkins alike. I found it best suited for shorter tempo runs as well as more relaxed recovery sessions. The increased stack height in this model made urban running very comfortable, whilst its grooved sole adapted well to the gravel towpath on my local canal, even if it did get caked in mud! The supportive heel paired with the knit upper creates a locked-in feel, and a true to size fit. I thought the additional stack height needed a little bit of getting used to as someone who prefers a more responsive feel, but if you’re after a cushioned and protective workhorse shoe, the Ride 15 is your guy!”

woman running along canal towpath

The Run4It team appear to be more than pleased with the performance of the new Ride 15. It’s a genuine option for running at a mixture of paces and feels supportive over longer miles. Every run is a journey somewhere, the latest Ride should make each one a little smoother. 


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