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Run4It  •  Video •  13.05.2019 •  1 min read

Saucony Triumph ISO 5 | A Run4It short film

The Saucony Triumph ISO 5

We follow James as he tries out the Triumph ISO 5s on a local road run.

A high-cushion, high-mileage trainer that feels soft and forgiving underfoot.

"My name's James and I'm a long distance runner. I do a mixture of races throughout the year from 5k's to long distance hill races.

Whilst my training varies throughout the year, longer runs and recovery runs are always included within my weekly programme. They are essential to maintain my aerobic fitness and help me recover after hard sessions. I try to keep my effort steady during these runs, running at a much more relaxed pace than what I would run during interval sessions and tempo runs.

To meet the demands of these types of runs, I opt for a different style of running shoe for them. I need this shoe to feel comfortable underfoot, offer a soft and well cushioned ride that is forgiving on my knees and ankles, be fairly stable for those last few miles as I start to fatigue on the long runs.

The Triumph ISO 5 from Saucony meets all of these demands. It has a full length EVERUN topsole and midsole which provides continuous and consistent cushioning throughout the run. It has an ISOFIT upper, which means I can tailor the fit of the shoe to my foot. That, combined with a FORMFIT contoured footbed means there is little chance of pinching or irritation on any run.

The upper is also made of a double jacquard mesh which brings added comfort and durability, whilst keeping the shoe breathable and lightweight

The Triumph ISO 5 feels soft and forgiving underfoot when running, absorbing the impact of running on the road, and giving my muscles a break from faster runs and more responsive shoes."


A high-cushion, high-mileage trainer that feels soft and forgiving underfoot.

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