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There’s very little merit in saying how many races have been won in the adidas Adizero Adios Pro running shoes because the number increases all the time. What’s fair to say is that the Adizero franchise has been dominant on podiums in recent Major Marathons and World Championships. Much of this success has been led by the leader of the Adizero pack, the adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3. These ultimate marathon distance racing shoes feature the pinnacle of adidas technology. Firstly, a high stacked midsole of adidas’ superfoam LIGHTSTRIKE PRO sits directly under your feet. Whilst we don’t know the specific stats on this midsole compound, it feels incredibly soft and energy returning. This means it delivers that undeniable super shoe experience. Next, carbon-fibre infused ENERGYRODS run through the midsole. These significantly increase energy return and help improve forward momentum. Unlike a carbon-fibre plate, these RODS can move independently of one another. In addition to adapting to your footstrike, the RODS feel marginally more stable than a plate. This means the Adios Pro 3 running shoes feel relatively stable and handle changes in direction very well. Even though the midsole thickness is maximised and the Adizero Adios Pro 3 running shoes are very light, durability is not forgotten. A thin layer of Continental rubber on the outsole is surprisingly hard wearing and grippy. When it comes to the upper of the adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3, it’s all about saving weight. The ultra thin tongue, highly breathable mesh and stripped back heel counter epitomise performance. In contrast to what you may assume, the upper is very comfortable and supports the foot in right areas. Making an upper as light as this that performs over the marathon distance is no mean feat. If you’re looking for the best marathon racing shoes, the adidas Adios Pro 3 running shoes are likely to be up there. For some, they’ll definitely be the fastest option, and they’re extremely likely to help you achieve a personal best. That’s because the midsole should improve your running economy and help you maintain your target pace for longer. Whilst we recommend doing some preparation runs in the Adios Pro 3 before you race, we suggest opting for the adidas Adizero Boston running shoes for your training miles. We position both of these adidas running shoes in our Enhanced Energy Experience category, as each one should help you run faster and save energy.


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