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HOKA are now famous for their revolutionary midsole designs. One model in particular that led the change is the HOKA Bondi. This model has typically been the most cushioned and protective neutral running shoe from HOKA. While it’s always been designed with the brand’s signature Meta-Rocker technology, the midsole construction has evolved over the years. Before we go any further, if you don’t know what a Meta-Rocker is, we’ll explain. If you look at the bottom of HOKA running shoes, such as the Bondi, you’ll see it’s curved from front to back. This looks similar to a wheel. That’s no surprise, as HOKA took inspiration from how wheels move. Particularly in a bid to make running downhill feel easier. This rocker technology transitions your feet from landing to toe-off in an ultra smooth manner and takes the load off the lower leg area, such as the calf muscles and Achilles tendon. The latest edition, the HOKA Bondi 8, features a thick midsole of resilient foam. If you’ve worn previous models of the Bondi, you should expect these to feel softer, lighter and more energy returning. The lines on the sides of the midsole are not just for aesthetics. This billowed effect creates a more padded sensation and smooths out the transition from landing to toe-off. While the HOKA Bondi 8 are neutral running shoes, they are supportive. That’s because the midsole walls wrap up around the sides of your feet. That’s right, your feet don’t sit on top of that thick midsole, they sit slightly into it. This is a great feature if you start to fatigue in the later stages of a run, as the lateral walls help keep your feet and legs in check. At Run4It, we position the Bondi 8 running shoes in our Float Experience category. While we can’t promise you’ll be floating, they’ll make your slower paced runs feel easier. They’re also one of the best options for longer distance runs - making them great running shoes for marathon training. We also position the very popular HOKA Clifton in our Float Experience category. If you’re wondering, the Clifton feels slightly firmer than the Bondi. They’re both designed for slower to steady paced runs, meaning you can choose how you’d like your HOKA shoes to feel. We get lots of referrals from podiatrists for HOKA running shoes. This is because it’s well accepted that the curved midsole helps alleviate the stress on the lower leg and feet. HOKA’s Meta-Rocker technology feels particularly comfortable for walking as it rocks your feet forward and stops your feet getting as tired as they would in a flatter shoe. For some, this can help reduce the symptoms from plantar fascia pain.


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