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Marathon Running Shoes

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What’s the best shoe for running a marathon? There’s a variety of options which may change based on your goals and aspirations on the day. If comfort and reducing the chances of getting injured are at the top of your list of priorities, opting for a shoe which offers maximum cushioning and protection is wise. These models may feature thicker midsoles, greater amounts of premium cushioning technologies and specific midsole shapes that all help reduce the load and stress placed on working muscles. A little extra help from this style of shoe may reduce the chances of 'hitting the wall'. We have models from ASICS, Brooks, Nike, Saucony and more that offer these benefits. All of these running shoes have been designed to withstand the toughest of tests - blending comfort, support and durability all together to make the ultimate marathon running shoe. We also have shoes that will help you run a marathon faster and save some energy along the way. Marathon shoes which improve running economy usually include special foams that improve energy return and structures that aid propulsion. Structures like full-length carbon plates, nylon plates, partial carbon plates and even carbon rods all work in a special way with your feet and legs to make running faster feel easier. Who are these for? While these are suited to runners who are aiming for a specific time, they’re beneficial at a range of paces and can help all runners. Comfort and performance are not mutually exclusive, as these models feature premium technologies which significantly reduce the load placed on legs, they feel great to run in and comfortable underfoot. These models will keep up with you on race day and help take you to that marathon personal best. All models designed for marathon running are crafted to see you through the distance. Breathable upper materials help keep your feet cool and comfortable, especially when combined with a technical running sock. Whether the upper is padded and soft or lightweight and minimal, they all offer great support that keep the feet in place from mile one to mile twenty six. Minimal seam constructions also reduce the chances of friction and blisters developing.


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