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The Cloudmonster running shoes are one of the most popular On models at Run4It. Cloudmonster is a fitting name for these running shoes as they look very different from other On running shoes. However, the technology that makes them look different is what makes them work so well for running. At the time of writing, the Cloudmonster features the biggest Cloud Elements ever used in an On running shoe. While these structures make the midsole stand out from a visual perspective, they deliver an incredible underfoot experience. At landing, the large Cloud Elements compress to deliver an ultra protective feel. These then rebound and work with a Speedboard to bring incredible propulsion to your stride. It’s for this reason that we position the On Cloudmonster in our Enhanced Energy Experience category at Run4It. If you think the bottom of the Cloudmonster midsole looks slightly curved, you’re spot on. It features a bold rocker shape that improves the propulsive sensation even more. This means your runs are made easier and even more fun. If you want to take the stress off your legs and cruise through your run, we expect you’ll enjoy running in the Cloudmonster running shoes. In our opinion, the Cloudmonster is one of the best On running shoes for longer distance runs. While they’ll feel great for shorter distances too, most runners will benefit from the high cushioning levels as the distance goes on. That’s because the midsole will give you some extra help when you need it most. Meaning you should finish your long run feeling fresher and ready for the next one.


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