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A quarter of the bones in your entire body are in your feet. It pays to look after them.

+runlab is the part of our shop where you can drop in for running analysis. Everybody runs differently, you see. So we record you on the treadmill using our video analysis software, watch you back on slow-mo and talk you through the ins and outs of your personal running style (or running gait). Prepare to be enlightened. Then we can recommend various shoes that will help you run easier, happier and with less risk of injury. Get more from every step.

Running analysis is free. You only pay for your shoes. It’s one of the smartest things you can do for your running - not just in terms of injury prevention, but enjoyment too.

If walking or running a short time on a treadmill is not your thing – no problem we can easily cater for that.

Our running analysis follows an 8-step process

     1. Evaluate: We’ll ask about your running experiences, your current running shoes and whether you’ve had any aches or injuries in the past from running. We want to learn as much as possible.

    Foot Icon  2. Assess: Now for a good look at the structure of your foot. Shoes and socks off please. We’ve seen hundreds of thousands of feet so, really, don’t be shy.

   Camera Icon   3. Foot analysis: Next up is the treadmill. We’ll build you up to a gentle jog while our specialist equipment records your steps.

   Tv Icon   4. Review: We’ll then playback your recording on slow-mo and talk about how your foot behaves in motion. It allows us to understand the level of pronation (movement) within your foot and lots of other intriguing stuff.

    Tick Icon  5. Recommend: We’ll talk you through the specific features of your running style and explain how you could benefit from certain types of running shoe.

    Shoes Icon  6. Your options: This is where you get to try on a bunch of recommended shoes to see how they feel. First fit is important. If it doesn’t feel good to begin with, it’s not likely to feel good running. Think with your feet.

     Camera Icon 7. Treadmill analysis: Back to the treadmill. Try on your favoured shoes and we’ll record your stride like before. This lets us see how your foot and the shoe are working together to provide the right level of comfort and support for your running. Our software allows us to playback your stride in different shoes side-by-side and we’ll talk you through the differences.

     Shoe Icon  8. Perfect shoe: By this point we will have helped you eliminate the shoes that weren’t quite working for you. The aim is to narrow your options down to a shoe that you feel completely natural and comfortable in. Bring on the next run!

How do different shoe categories affect your running? Find out in our shoe advice section.

Questions about running analysis? Drop us a line at or call the team on 01463 259849.


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