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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  10.04.2024 •  6 min read

Best adidas Racing Shoes

adidas Adizero racing shoes are all about speed. Any model that includes ‘Adizero’ features specific technologies that help runners move faster. However, there are distinct points of difference between each model - which ultimately affects what they’re best suited to. At Run4It, we stock the men’s and women’s adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3, Adizero Takumi Sen 10, and Adizero Boston 12 running shoes. This article breaks down the differences and what we recommend using them for. 

Female runner tying up adidas running shoe

Adizero racing shoes - Tech comparison

The adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 10 Running Shoes feature two layers of Lightstrike Pro foam - adidas’ most resilient feeling foam. A heel-to-toe EnergyRods 2.0 system is comprised of partly recycled glass fibre. The updated EnergyRods 2.0 system should offer smoother and more seamless transitions in comparison to the previous model.

Close up of adidas Adizero Takumi Sen 10 running shoes in Ivory/Core Black/Off White colourway

The adidas Adizero Adios Pro 3 Running Shoes also feature a double layer of Lightstrike Pro foam. However, the stack height and thickness of the foam is greater than the Takumi Sen 10. Whilst the Adios Pro also utilises the EnergyRods 2.0 system, the structure is carbon-infused, which makes it stiffer.

Unlike the Takumi Sen 10 and Adios Pro 3, the adidas Adizero Boston 12 midsole has two different foams: a bottom layer of Lightstrike 2.0 and a top layer of Lightstrike Pro. Lightstrike 2.0 foam is less resilient than Lightstrike Pro, but feels softer and offers more durability. Like the Takumi Sen 10, the Boston 12 have a glass-infused EnergyRods 2.0 system.

Heel view of adidas Adizero Boston 12 running shoes in Ivory/Core Black/Solar Red colourway

What is each model best suited to?

Elite male and female adidas athletes tested prototypes of the Takumi Sen 10 running shoes in Kenya and Ethiopia. This helped adidas gather feedback as to how they could optimise the design for 5-10K races. That’s right, the Takumi Sen 10 are specifically designed for shorter distance events. 

With this in mind, the midsole is designed to feel very light, agile, and responsive. For example, glass fibre is more flexible than carbon. This makes the Takumi Sen 10 midsole slightly more flexible than the Adios Pro 3 and makes it easier to navigate tight turns. As the midsole stack-height is also lower than the Pro 3, it should feel more stable and respond better to sudden changes of speed. 

Male and female runner running fast side by side

Even though you can use the Adios Pro 3 Running Shoes for shorter distance events, the midsole tooling is developed to deliver maximum comfort and propulsion over longer distances. These are the best adidas racing shoes for half marathons and marathons. The ultra protective and responsive midsole should improve your running economy and performance when you’re trying to run at a sustained pace for a prolonged period of time.

The adidas Adizero Boston 12 bridge the gap between daily mileage running shoes and race day models. In comparison to the Takumi Sen 10 and Adios Pro 3, the Boston 12 feels softer and more forgiving underfoot. However, the midsole still offers a lot of propulsion.This makes them perfectly suited to faster-paced training sessions, such as intervals and tempo runs.

Our final thoughts

Even though each adidas Adizero model has been designed for a specific end use, that doesn’t mean everyone will use them in this manner. For example, some runners might find the Takumi Sen 10 feels great for half marathon runs. On the other hand, another may run their best 10K times in the Adios Pro 3. We all have slightly different biomechanical needs and preferences when it comes to racing and running fast. 

We do recommend considering an element of shoe rotation in your training and racing though. This is for the following reasons:

  • Super shoes offer the most benefits when they’re new - the performance gains diminish as you run more miles in them;
  • Super shoes are more expensive and less durable than daily mileage running shoes - it’s a good idea to save them for the days you need them most; and
  • Training in super shoes on a very regular basis might reduce the perceived performance boost on race day.
When should you run in super shoes?

    The adidas Adizero Boston 12 Running Shoes are considerably cheaper and more durable than the Takumi Sen 10 and Adios Pro 3 Running Shoes. There’s a compelling set of reasons to train in the Boston, and then race in one of the more propulsive options. 

    We hope this article helps you determine what are the best adidas Adizero racing shoes for you.

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    glass fibre is more flexible than carbon. This makes the Takumi Sen 10 midsole slightly more flexible than the Adios Pro 3 and makes it easier to navigate tight turns.

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