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Run4It Journal  •  Running Gear •  18.03.2021 •  5 min read

Brooks Running Shoes Simplified!

When you believe that a run can change a day, a life and the world, then you spend a lot of time focusing on building the best running gear – with the ultimate goal to make each run better than the last. This is what Brooks aspire to achieve and there’s no denying that they have been helping a lot of people to Run Happy over the years.

Innovation in Brooks running shoes

We have witnessed bold innovation from the American brand in the past few years. Most notably the change of the support system in their Stability shoes to GuideRails technology. The success of these innovations has led to Brooks being one of the leaders when it comes to running shoes!

Brooks road running shoes laid out on the floor

If you have been a fan of Brooks for many years, you will notice there is no longer a Transcend or a Ravenna. Brooks have made their branding simpler by name the Transcend, the Glycerin GTS and the Ravenna, the Launch GTS - meaning, ‘Go-To-Support’.

GuideRails or not GuideRails?

As you probably already know, road shoes are split in two categories: Neutral and Stability. Both types will provide good support, however stability shoes have additional features that help reduce how much the feet pronate and help align the leg more than a neutral shoe.

Take a look at our Choose the right running shoe: neutral or stability article to learn more.

One of the characteristics of the Brooks range is that their Neutral shoes are identical to their Stability counterparts. The only difference is the additional support system those Stability counterparts feature: GuideRails.

Our Brooks' road running shoe range looks like this:

In the Cushion category:

- Glycerin and Glycerin GTS (replaces Transcend)

- Ghost

- Adrenaline GTS

If you are looking for mileage that feels effortless then the ‘Cushion’ category is for you with shoes that make running easy and comfortable by minimising the impact when your foot hits the ground.

In the Energise category:

- Levitate and Levitate GTS (replaces Bedlam)

Get more energy in every stride with this range. These shoes absorb energy and return it back for a springy feel in your stride. 

In the Speed category:

- Launch and Launch GTS (replaces Ravenna)

Lightweight and efficient, the shoes in this category will help you pick up the pace in training or race day giving you that super responsive feel in your stride. 

Looking for comfort and grip on more challenging terrain? Our Brooks' trail running shoe range includes Cascadia and Caldera.

Model wearing Brooks Adrenaline GTS Running Shoes

What is a Brooks GTS shoe?

GTS stands for 'Go-To Support'. All Brooks stability shoes will provide the same amount of additional support: the GuideRail is identical in the Glycerin GTS, the Adrenaline GTS and the Launch GTS. Their main point of difference is the level of cushioning they offer.

It is important here to understand how the GuideRails works and why Brooks have decided not to design Stability shoes with different levels of added support (like they used to do and other brands are still doing).

Please note that more classic stability systems are still relevant options. +runlab gait analysis is a way of helping us determine which option is best for you.

Based on a considerable amount of testing and scientific evidence, the GuideRails were designed to give runners the support they need in a natural way. Brooks first introduced this technology in 2014 and spent several years refining it. Knee injuries are one of the most common problems runners face. Brooks established that GuideRails was the optimal way to reduce the likelihood of knee problems caused by excessive rotation. This innovative support technology is unique because it only kicks in when a runner needs it, when their body strays from its natural line.

The bobsled analogy

As Brooks states it, simply picture a bobsled track: as the bobsled rockets down the icy course. The crew works to guide it down the "line" – the ideal path through the course. The fastest times are achieved when the sled glides effortlessly down the course with limited side-to-side movement. This idea can be applied to running. Much like the bobsled, runners perform best when they stay within their personal "line". So GuideRails are designed to help runners maintain the most efficient and natural motion throughout the run.

You may wonder how to choose between the different options if all the Brooks Stability shoes offer the same level of support. Your choice will be based on the model that provides the most suitable experience and cushioning for your running practice.

Runners wearing Brooks Glycerin GTS Running Shoes


Delivering on-demand support, GuideRails® allow your hips, knees, and joints to move within their unique motion path while you run – all without traditional posts.

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