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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  20.11.2023 •  12 min read

Gift Guide: 10 Best Gifts for Runners in 2023

Running Unwrapped

Nothing beats the feeling of unwrapping a running-related Christmas gift! Because be it shoes, socks, or an accessory to stowaway essentials – it’s so much more than just running gear. It’s gear that unlocks new adventures, new connections, and new possibilities. Gear that enables us to test our limits and uncover our true potential.

So, what exactly should you buy a runner for Christmas? There’s lots of great options to treat your favourite runner - whether that’s your partner, family, friend, or colleague. That’s because runners generally always welcome fresh pieces of kit. That’s down to the fact that runners need to replace items they use frequently, such as running socks. Furthermore, lots of runners love new tech, and often want to upgrade their gear. Such as replacing the GPS watch they’ve loved, but has finally started to show signs of miles it's been put through.

We stock a lot of different running products at Run4It, from some of the best and most trusted running brands available. To help you find the right present this Christmas, we’ve put together this year’s Gift Guide with our top 10 picks. The list includes options at a range of price points and functions, so you can select the perfect gift.

Running gifts under £35

1. Running socks

Socks get a bad rap as Christmas presents go, but a good pair of running socks are an essential part of a runner’s wardrobe, and you can never have too many. Running socks use moisture wicking materials to move sweat away from the skin, and typically have a fit that’s anatomically dialled to the shape of the foot.

Our favourites include Hilly Marathon Fresh, Hilly Supreme, and Feetures Elite running socks.

Hilly’s Marathon Fresh is a lightweight performance style sock, and the Supreme, an ultra soft and comfortable sock, that has great anti-microbial properties. They’re so confident in their performance, Hilly offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Feetures Elite running socks come in three thicknesses and have three specific benefits: there’s targeted compression - which feels great in the arch area, the anatomical design conforms to the structure of the left and right foot, and the seamless toe construction eliminates friction in that area. The Elite Light Cushion are typically the most popular Feetures running socks, as they sit in the middle in terms of cushioning. There’s also a Merino version for runners who get cold feet or who do more running on trails.

Wooden crate housing running socks, Goodr sunglasses and Maurten nutrition.

2. Goodr shades

Goodr sunglasses were founded in 2015, but they quickly established themselves as the go to sunglasses brand for runners. There’s three reasons as to why they’re so good for running: a special grip coating stops them from slipping when you’re sweating, the snug and lightweight fit stops them bouncing, and the polarised lens reduces glare and blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

While these are great for the summer training and races, they’re also great in the winter time - that’s because they help block cool air, which often causes eyes to run with water. It can actually be very hard to see in low sun over the winter - particularly on early morning runs. So, sunglasses are not just for summer running.

3. FlipBelt

The FlipBelt Classic helps runners effortlessly carry essentials  such as phone, keys, cards, and nutrition  while on the go. The sleek, tubular design sits comfortably and securely at the hips without bouncing or riding up. Making an excellent alternative to armbands or bulky pouches for everyday running.

4. Box of Maurten GEL 100

A box of Maurten GEL 100 is the perfect present for your competitive runner. These energy gels feature an advanced hydrogel technology, which helps reduce stomach problems. As they’re on the more expensive end of the scale, when it comes to sports nutrition, runners often just buy them for races - and don’t treat themselves to Maurten for training. We can assure you, a box of Maurten GEL will be greatly appreciated by a runner who is training hard throughout the winter months and readying themselves for a Spring marathon. We’d also recommend choosing the non-caffeinated version if you choose this.

5. On Unisex Lightweight Cap

The On Unisex Lightweight Cap is great for both summer and winter miles. A cap is great for keeping the rain off your face in wet weather, and the quick drying material helps the fabric from being overly saturated. In the summer months, the laser cut ventilation offers great ventilation.

On is one of the most popular brands in running right now, and a lot of runners love a piece of their kit.

Wearable tech 

6. COROS Pace 3

Next on the list is the COROS Pace 3 GPS running watch - the model that Eliud Kipchoge wore when he won the 2023 Berlin Marathon for a record 5th time. This is one of the best GPS watches for a runner who is either looking to upgrade an existing model, or who has been talking about wanting to track their pace and distance more accurately.

The main selling points are that it’s very lightweight, offers amazing accuracy (with different tracking options available), offers very long battery life (varies by GPS mode), has next-gen wrist based heart rate sensor, and offers breadcrumb navigation for new adventures.

One of the biggest benefits of using a COROS GPS running watch is that access to their Training Solutions system is provided. This includes training plans, workouts, advice, and guidance from coaches. The advanced analysis tool is trusted by the NN Running Team.

Wooden crate housing Petzl head torches and Shokz headphones.

7. Petzl ACTIK CORE Head Torch

With dark mornings and evenings over the winter months, lots of runners need a head torch to keep running. Particularly if they enjoy trail runs or train in non-lit areas, such as countryside towns and villages. The Petzl ACTIK CORE Head Torch  is one of the best options.

With 600 lumens, runners can see up to 115 metres. The head torch also features two beam patterns, so runners can see close up and far away. Weighing only 88 grams, it should feel really comfortable to run with. The reflective adjustable band also helps on this front. While the run time varies depending on what lighting mode it’s in, a rechargeable battery (included in the box) means it can be easily charged up between runs.

8. Shokz Headphones

Lots of runners like to listen to music or podcasts when they run. Shokz headphones are the perfect gift for these runners. Shokz use bone conduction technology to play music - so they sit on the side of the head, not in the ear. This means traffic can be heard and the headphones don’t slip or move.

The OpenMove is the entry level, the OpenRun is the next level, and OpenRun Pro is the most premium. As you go up the range, the main differences are that the battery life increases, the charge time decreases, and quality of the bone conduction improves. For example, the OpenRun has slightly less vibration than the OpenMove. In saying that, all the models provide excellent audio quality and performance.

Winter gear

9. GOREWEAR Drive Jacket

If you want to keep a runner training through the cold winter months, there’s few pieces better equipped to help than the GOREWEAR Drive Jacket. That’s because it features POLARTEC ALPHA insulation - a material that offers exceptional insulation, yet is highly breathable and performs in the wet.

It even has a woven liner made from GORE WINDSTOPPER. This fabric prevents any wind entering the jacket and offers the ultimate protection from icy winter winds.

Collage of female runner wearing GOREWEAR Drive Jacket

10. Ronhill Tech Afterhours Jacket

The Ronhill Tech Afterhours Jacket is the last but one on our Christmas Gift Guide. The main benefit of this lightweight jacket is that it is extremely reflective. When artificial light hits the reflective elements, the runner becomes very visible to others.

As the fabric is highly wind and water resistant, it offers great protection against the elements. However, as the fabric is only resistant to the elements, it’s very breathable. Meaning it performs in a wide range of temperatures.

Collage of male runner wearing Ronhill Tech Afterhours Jacket with details

Run4It Gift Card

If you're still unsure what to buy and would rather let them choose, a Run4It Gift Card is a great option. Our online e-gift cards are emailed to you immediately so that you can forward the e-gift card to the recipient at the right time. 

Physical gift cards are available to buy in all Run4It shops.

We hope our Christmas Gift Guide has given you some inspiration to find the perfect gift for a runner. You can also visit our Gifts collection for more ideas.

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