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Run4It  •  Video •  25.03.2019 •  1 min read

Meet the Runner | The Long Distance Runner

Meet the Runner

The Run4It team is made up of friendly and enthusiastic folk, with a passion for running and interest in the way running touches lives and changes communities. To give you some insight into what makes us tick, we have created a series of videos to show you what we Run 4…

The Long Distance Runner

Long distance running opens doors to new and varied landscapes. Running longer distances is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy miles of stunning scenery. Going on a long run is like going on an adventure: it's refreshing, it's character-building and it's exciting!

At least, that’s what Romain, our Run4It Dundee Senior Assistant Manager, thinks! An avid ultra runner and all round top guy, Romain is always on a lookout for new running routes and challenges. In this video he shares his love for long distance running and his go-to-gear for comfort and performance.

"My name is Romain and I’m a long distance runner. I love ultra running because it teaches humility and patience, but also pushes your limits and brings out the best in you. It helps you see the bigger picture and gain perspective. I love seeing the progression distance-wise and challenging my body to run longer and longer.

Ultra running is almost like meditation; it's just about you running and taking in the scenery. I think this is the best thing about running long distance. It allows you to experience more of your surroundings. No thoughts, just emotions.

I love a good mix of steep hills, flatter trails and downhill sections. To run comfortably on varied trail and off-road terrain, I need proper running gear! The most important pieces of running gear for me are:

It's all about mindset, it’s easy to think we can run a certain distance. If you tell yourself you can, then it will become much easier to achieve it."

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