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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  23.05.2024 •  5 min read

Mizuno Neo Vista Super Trainers Review

In 2023, Mizuno launched their first super shoe: the Wave Rebellion Pro. However, these are best suited to elite runners chasing the fastest times in the marathon. In a bid to bring the experience of super shoes to more runners, Mizuno has created a new super trainer: the Mizuno Neo Vista. They feature a brand new midsole foam called Mizuno Enerzy nxt (pronounced next), which might just be one of the bounciest foams we’ve ever run in. 

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What’s Mizuno Enerzy nxt?

This is an EVA based foam that’s infused with nitrogen. Now, you’d be right in thinking that nitrogen infused midsoles aren’t anything new - because they’re not. However, what Mizuno has created is very different to what’s been produced so far. Normally, Pebax and PEBA based foams feel considerably softer and more energetic than nitrogen infused foams. This is not the case with Mizuno Enerzy nxt cushioning. It feels incredibly bouncy and soft underfoot - and very close to what super foams feel like.

Mizuno Neo Vista running shoe sitting on wall

Does the Mizuno Neo Vista have a plate?

Yes, there’s a full-length glass-fibre infused nylon Wave Plate sandwiched between two layers of Mizuno Enerzy nxt foam. Like any plate, it helps improve energy return and propulsion. But most importantly, the plate also adds stability to the ultra soft midsole. 

Outsole view of Mizuno Neo Vista running shoe sitting on wall

As the midsole has a very high stack - 44.5 mm to 36.5 mm - the cushioning could feel pretty unstable if it didn’t feature a plate. This high stack means the Neo Vista doesn’t meet World Athletics standards in road racing events. Although, it does mean there’s a lot of cushioning under your feet for hard training miles. 

How does the midsole feel to run in?

Mizuno sent us a pair of Neo Vista to test out ahead of the launch on 5th June. 

As these super trainers are intended for tempo runs, we tested them out at this intensity. It’s hard to describe just how soft and bouncy the foam feels. During the warm up, it seemed impossible that the foam would respond to an injection of pace. However, as you ramp up the effort, the midsole responds perfectly. 

The plate works alongside the curved heel to toe geometry (Mizuno Smooth Speed Assist technology) to roll your feet forward and lower the stress on working muscles. The result is an ultra propulsive experience that feels exceptionally comfortable.

Foot strike sequence image

As the cushioning felt so comfortable on this tempo run, we tested them out the next day on a long slow run. Even though you won’t get the most out of the cushioning at this intensity, it makes that type of effort feel very easy. The combination of the soft and bouncy foam, alongside the prominent rocker, felt brilliant at this lower intensity.

Strava runs image


Touching on the point of stability again, the midsole is very wide. The broad midsole construction also makes the midsole feel very stable. Naturally, it’s fairly normal to question how stable a high-stacked soft midsole will feel around corners. The Mizuno Neo Vista handles turns and changes of direction without any issues. 

How do the Mizuno Neo Vista fit?

The upper is a one piece soft knit design. This means it fits like a sock and the tongue is fully integrated. The seamless construction should reduce the chances of friction. There’s a rubber tab on top of the tongue that stops any potential rubbing from the laces.

Front of Mizuno Neo Vista Running Shoes

In terms of shape, they offer an accommodating fit, and should suit a range of foot shapes - including runners with wide feet. Even though the midfoot appears as if it doesn’t have much structure, it feels very supportive and secure while running. It’s also very easy to slip your feet into the bootie-like construction. 

Back of Mizuno Neo Vista Running Shoes

The only area for potential improvement is the top eyelets. To explain further, the lace runs along the inside of the ankle collar between the last two eyelets. Whilst it didn’t cause a blister, the lace rubbed and the area was a bit tender at the end of the run. This problem was potentially exacerbated by tightening the laces too much, as the problem seemed to go away on future runs when they were left looser. The main takeaway is not to tighten the laces too much around the ankle area. However, this is something Mizuno may want to adjust in the next version.

What are they best suited to?

As already mentioned, the Mizuno Neo Vista Running shoes feel incredibly soft and bouncy. This means they have a lot of potential end uses. For most, they’re best suited to tempo runs and longer interval sessions. For example, 30 minutes at tempo effort, or 4x5km at marathon pace. This is because the cushioning feels great at this intensity. 

Pair of Mizuno Neo Vista Running Shoes

If you try to do shorter, faster paced runs in the Neo Vista, it feels a bit soft and lacks the responsiveness you need. This is where models such as the adidas Adizero Boston 12 running shoes would feel better. 

Going back to the point made at the start of the article, some runners might find carbon plated super shoes don't offer enough support or comfort for their running style and pace. This is where the Mizuno Neo Vista comes into play. The forgiving midsole, and ultra stable platform makes them an amazing option for these runners. It’s fair to say the Mizuno Neo Vista feels more comfortable at slower speeds than almost any other plated model - this is one of the main points of difference. Of course, these are not technically World Athletics approved, but it’s your choice on whether or not you wear these in a marathon or half marathon. 


The Mizuno Neo Vista could well be the leader in a new wave of super trainers. At £150, they offer incredible performance, durability, and comfort. Models such as the adidas Boston 12 and Saucony Endorphin Speed 4 are strong contenders for the title. However, the more forgiving nature and plusher feel of the Neo Vista potentially means they will suit more runners and appeal to a broader audience.

some runners might find carbon plated super shoes don't offer enough support or comfort for their running style and pace. This is where the Mizuno Neo Vista comes into play.

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