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Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro

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Our extensive Mizuno Running Shoes Range at Run4It includes the men’s and women’s Wave Rebellion Pro 2 Running Shoes. Calibrated for elite runners, Mizuno’s pinnacle racing shoes are designed to get you to the finish line as efficiently as possible. Optimised for marathons, the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 Running Shoes are likely to feel best when you’re running fast and are maintaining a consistent pace for the duration of your run. When we say fast, we expect runners targeting sub 3 hour 15 minute marathons and below will find the midsole performs for them. This is because the unique midsole design can feel unnatural underfoot at slower speeds. To build on this point, Mizuno’s innovative Smooth Speed Assist technology helps to rock your feet forward and help you maintain maximum speed. However, this extreme rocker works more effectively as you run faster. When you are up to speed, the almost wheel-like nature of the midsole promotes an incredibly fluid and propulsive experience. In comparison to the previous version, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 now features a new midsole design. Whilst the bottom layer of foam is still Mizuno Enerzy Lite - a soft and highly energy returning foam - there’s now a softer and bouncier top layer of Mizuno Enerzy Lite+. The result is more energy return and improved comfort. Despite the midsole featuring the same bottom layer of foam, alterations to the geometry help improve stability. As the midfoot is now wider, the base feels very stable, particularly around corners. It’s fair to say that the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 are one of the most stable feeling plated running shoes. Previous wearers will be pleased to know the G3 outsole is still present. Outsole rubbers are typically made as thin and light as possible in race day shoes, in order to improve acute performance. Whilst the G3 outsole is very light, it offers standout levels of traction and delivers great durability. We’ve not forgotten to mention the carbon infused nylon Wave Plate. The plate in the previous model featured a cut-out in the forefoot to compensate for the firmer midsole material. As a result of the new softer foam, the Wave Rebellion Pro 2 utilise a new full-length plate design. It also has a ribbed design to offer an even snappier underfoot feel. In a bid to create the ultimate race day performance, the upper is exceptionally lightweight. Yet delivers the necessary support and structure to help you run a marathon in comfort. In our experience, the Wave Rebellion Pro feel accommodating in the toe box. The ultra propulsive and energetic experience delivered by the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro 2 Running Shoes is a result of how all of the technologies combine with one another. This masterpiece of shoe design are one of the best marathon running shoes for those who are seeking the fastest times in upcoming events.


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