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Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro

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The men’s and women’s Mizuno running shoe range at Run4It includes the Wave Rebellion Pro. While these super shoes have some trademark Mizuno characteristics, they certainly look different from the norm. That’s because these speed machines are designed to take you from the start line to the finish line in the fastest time possible. How does the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro make you faster? Firstly, the midsole features a carbon reinforced nylon plate and Mizuno Enerzy Lite cushioning to deliver incredible energy return. Next, the midsole is shaped in a specific way that maximises forward momentum. To explain further, the curved midsole rolls your feet forward and optimises your foot strike. At Run4It, we don’t believe there’s a specific way to run. We understand that everyone has their own style. However, there is always a cost attached to running. This cost is how much oxygen you have to use to run at a given speed. Simply put, super shoes may improve your biomechanics and lower the amount of oxygen required to run at a target pace. Even though runners will respond differently to specific models, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro is very likely to significantly improve your running economy. Whether you’re trying to set a parkrun personal best or run a qualifying time at a marathon, the Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro can help you achieve your goal. These Mizuno super shoes are also great for long race pace sessions and shorter faster intervals. The propulsive midsole makes it easier to hit target paces and reduces the workload on your legs. Meaning that your legs should feel fresher the day after a hard session. Worried about wearing them down? Yes it’s true a super shoe will typically improve your running economy by the greatest percentage when they’re box fresh. However, excessive outsole wear is what often leads to runners having to retire their super shoes. As the Mizuno Wave Rebellio Pro has such a durable rubber outsole, they’ll last longer than you may expect. The outsole rubber is also very grippy and means that the Wave Rebellion Pros are one of the best super shoes around corners.


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