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Finlay McAndrew  •  Running Gear •  28.06.2024 •  5 min read

NNormal Tomir 2.0 Trail Running Shoes Review

The NNormal Tomir 2.0 trail running shoes look very similar to the first edition, but have undergone an extensive list of updates. The updated design should be more durable, deliver better stability, be grippier, and feel more cushioned underfoot. 

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NNormal kindly sent us a pair for testing. This article breaks down the updates, how they fit, and how they feel to run in.

NNormal Tomir 2.0 versus NNormal Tomir

Pair of NNormal Tomir 2.0 trail running shoes on dry muddy grass terrain


There’s no doubt the first Tomir felt a little bit firm underfoot, particularly as they’re designed to be your go-to trail running shoes. The Tomir 2.0 features NNormal’s supercritical EExpure foam, which is lighter, softer, and more responsive. The stack height has also increased by 2mm - and now sits at 33mm in the heel and 25mm in the forefoot.

NNormal Tomir 2.0 trail running shoe in white perched on a rock

The geometry of the midsole has also been changed. It has been expanded by 4mm and 7mm at two specific points - with the aim of increasing stability. An adjustment has been made to the rocker. This should result in smoother transitions and a better toe spring. 


The outsole is still Vibram MegaGrip Litebase; however, it now has Traction Lug technology. The small spike like structures on the 5mm lugs improve surface area by 50% - leading to a 25% increase in traction. 

Underside of pair of NNormal Tomir 2.0 trail running shoes on dry muddy grass terrain

Going back to the point about the wider midsole, the sole surface (8.5UK) has increased from 272 cm² to 290 cm². The combination of the Traction Lug technology and increased surface area should really improve the overall grip.


The stylish Ripstop upper is a blend of monofilament polyester and TPE. This makes it very resistant to abrasion and snagging. The unique quality of the Tomir 2.0 (like the first version), is that the upper is craft-stitched onto the midsole - as this increases durability. An updated 360 Nylon thread stitch should make the upper even more durable than before. It’s worth calling out at this stage that NNormal running shoes have a 2 year warranty. 

Pair of NNormal Tomir 2.0 trail running shoes on dry muddy grass terrain

Finally, new anti-slip fabric laces complete the updated upper - alongside a wider tongue design. 

How do the NNormal Tomir 2.0 fit?

NNormal describes the Tomir 2.0 Running Shoes as having a ‘medium fit with a spacious toe box’. We would agree with this on the whole, although the toe box doesn’t feel overly wide, it feels accommodating. We recommend choosing your normal running shoe size. 

The midfoot offers really good lockdown and feels very secure. This translates into a lot of confidence on uneven terrain. There’s just enough padding around the ankle collar to improve comfort, but not compromise ankle hold. The asymmetrical lacing design helps alleviate the lace pressure and improves midfoot hold.

Birds eye view of shoe laces on NNormal Tomir 2.0 trail running shoe

Finally, you might be aware of the toe bumper when you try them on. However, this isn’t noticeable when you’re out running in them. Importantly, this reduces the impact of hitting your toes off any hard objects. 

How do they feel to run in?

The new midsole feels very cushioned and very energetic. In fact, it probably feels plusher than some highly cushioned road running shoes. You don’t really feel the lugs on hard-packed ground either. As a result, the midsole and outsole feels great on firm terrain, and the construction is well-suited to long days out. 

Gait sequence image of runner running on trails in the NNormal Tomir 2.0

The energetic feel - and rocker geometry - also makes it easier to pick up the pace on both soft and hard-packed ground. Most runners should find the Tomir 2.0 works well for faster-paced training sessions and racing. 

Your confidence to run faster should also be improved by the outsole construction. It offers exceptionally good grip on technical terrain and feels very stable. Even though the midsole is wider, it adapts very well to uneven ground. In fact, it’s surprising how agile the midsole and outsole feels, given how protective and plush it feels on hard-packed ground.

Overall, the Tomir 2.0 trail running shoes offer a very comfortable underfoot feel, and amazing grip on both loose and hard-packed surfaces.

Why should you choose the NNormal Tomir 2.0 trail running shoes?

First of all, one of NNormal’s missions is to make trail running shoes that last as long as possible. At Run4It, we also know how important this quality is to trail runners. There’s no doubt that the Tomir 2.0 are one of the most durable trail running shoes around. 

Versatility is high up the list of most trail runner’s priorities when it comes to shoes. This is because trail runners have to negotiate a wide range of terrain, often in varying conditions. The same trail can be completely different to run on in the wet versus the dry. Whilst many trail running shoes are getting more and more versatile, the Tomir 2.0 are very good on this front. As we’ve mentioned in this article, they excel on a broad range of surfaces. 

Trail runner in woods

The Tomir 2.0 should perform over short and long distance trail runs. You can also run slow or fast in them. Again, this isn’t a quality that is unique to the Tomir 2.0. However, it is particularly hard to find trail running shoes that genuinely perform over such an array of distances and paces. 

You can choose from a range of Tomir 2.0 colourways. When it comes to colour, everyone has their own preferences.

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it’s surprising how agile the midsole and outsole feels, given how protective and plush it feels on hard-packed ground.

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