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HOKA Gaviota

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The HOKA Gaviota 5 stability running shoes have been completely reinvented. You could be forgiven for mistaking these as HOKA Bondi running shoes. That’s because many of the qualities that runners love so much about the Bondi, have been applied to the Gaviota. This means lots of cushioning, protection, support and comfort. The noticeably different midsole has been made possible by a revised stability feature. To explain further, the HOKA Gaviota 5 running shoes feature an H-Frame support structure. This frame sits on top of a thick layer of HOKA cushioning. With cut-outs in the frame in the heel and forefoot area, the majority of your feet sit directly on top of soft and plush feeling foam. As the frame rises up around the sides of your feet, the support only stabilises you when you need it. Most runners have differences between their left and right sides. In some cases, this can be fairly significant. The HOKA Gaviota 5 H-Frame support offers a great solution for runners who need more structure for one side. If you’re searching for stability running shoes with maximum protection, the thick Gaviota 5 midsole shouldn’t disappoint. While the composition of cushioning in running shoes is very important, so is the stack height. Thicker cushioned midsoles typically feel the softest and most cushioned underfoot. As a result of the ultra protective cushioning, we position the HOKA Gaviota 5 stability running shoes in our Float Experience category. In our opinion, these are one of the best stability running shoes for longer distance runs. Particularly if you’re looking for your legs to feel ready for a run on the following day. It’s not just the cushioning that offers great comfort. The HOKA Gaviota 5 stability running shoes have a luxurious upper. Soft and premium fabrics deliver support in all the right areas. While you can’t ever guarantee against rubbing, superior fabrics are less likely to cause friction. We suggest using the HOKA Gaviota 5 stability running shoes for slower to steady miles. They’re likely to feel best on recovery efforts, easy aerobic miles and long slow runs.


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